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Home Improvements That Will Add Value to Your Property

We all want to maximize the value of our homes. By far the best way to do that is to look after your property and make every home improvement count. To help you with this I have come up with a few suggestions.

Take Care of the Exterior of your Home

Curb appeal is real. When it comes time to sell, how good your house looks when prospective buyers pull up outside matters, a lot. Any estate agent will tell you that a shoddy exterior will knock thousands off of the value of your home. So, buy a new door from somewhere like Pirnar, paint your windows, invest in your front garden and keep things tidy to add value and make your house easy to sell. Furthermore, ensure things are safe for both exterior and interior, for example, consider upgrading your window locks and getting a spare pair of window lock keys, keeping it safe and looking new

If your gutters are damaged, it is well worth getting them replaced. Your home will look better. Once water gets into the fabric of a building it can do a huge amount of damage. If a prospective buyer sees a leaking gutter they are sure to see it as a sign that your home has not been well looked after. Using a company like Gutter Cleaning Virginia Beach will ensure they are cleaned to a very high standard.

A few years ago, Zoopla researched home improvements that added value. They found that when done the right way, updating your home’s exterior can give you a return on investment of up to 75%.

Create Extra Space

Everyone wants more space. So, it is well worth checking out the cost of converting your loft, adding a conservatory, extending or building a garden room. In many areas, the cost of one of these projects can be more than covered by the rise in house value. In most cases, loft conversions work out cheaper per square meter than building an extension or conservatory does. It is highly usable space too. But, you need to be a little careful. You now have to install a full staircase, which means you will lose some space on the bottom level. So, be sure to factor this in.

Update your Kitchen or Bathroom

If your kitchen or bathroom is very dated, updating it before you try to sell is a very good idea. The last thing prospective buyers who are not looking for a doer upper want to do is to have to rip a kitchen or bathroom out. Many of them are prepared to pay a little more to avoid this situation.

The good news is that you do not necessarily have to spend a lot of money to refresh your kitchen. You can go to YouTube and learn how to spray your kitchen cabinet doors. If you have never sprayed anything before pick up an item of furniture off of Facebook marketplace and practice on that. You can paint them, but the results are rarely as good.

When it comes to replacing your bathroom suite, see if you can pick up something nice in the sales. But, it is usually best to employ a plumber to install them, rather than try to do it yourself. So, be sure to factor that into your cost calculations.

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