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How to Make the Rooms of Your Home Feel 100% More Personal to You

It is not enough to have an attractive new home. You want that home to feel like you and your family. Personal touches need to be added to make everyone feel at home and comfortable living in this home. One way to personalize a home is with wall art, family photographs, and accessories. Decorating each room will make it more personal.

Wall Art and Family Photos

You don’t have to be an artist to create beautiful wall art that will mean something to the whole family. Consider online acrylic printing for enlarging favourite family photos, children’s artwork, or great photos of nature and vacations. That little 3 x 5 photo from a photo album takes on a whole new meaning when it is blown up to 16 x 20 and framed or printed on acrylic glass.

You can choose a collection of family photos of different sizes and the online printer will print them in all the same size or in a variety of sizes to make an attractive wall display you design. With the new digital cameras and even cell phones, anyone can get at least one good photo on vacation or a nature hike. There is always that one piece of children’s art from school or at home play time that is really special. When it is printed in a larger size, it takes on a life of its own.

Add Paint and Wallpaper Accent Walls

Repaint a wall as an accent wall. Choose a colour that coordinates with the colours used in the room and that everyone likes. You could also wallpaper one wall or hang a wallpaper mural on one wall. Use the colours in the wallpaper as accent colours to use in throw pillows and accessories. Let everyone choose a personal colour for their bedroom. Then purchase bed linens in those colours and let them have at least one wall some shade of the same colour.


Keep the pieces of furniture that you love and are in good condition, then replace worn pieces or ones that you no longer like. Choose furniture that mirrors your lifestyle and interests. Get some seating the kids will like. Choose neutral colours for large pieces and bright colours for smaller accent pieces. Be sure to purchase some storage pieces such as wall units, chests, or baskets. Don’t forget lamp tables and lamps to go beside reading chairs or sofas. Don’t forget area rugs as a way to make a home seem warmer.

Display Awards, diplomas, Favorite Things

Make rooms look like your family by displaying favourite things, awards, diplomas, and photos of family members doing things they love or excel at like sports or theatre. Display things artistically in attractive arrangements. Flower arrangements, plants, and pottery are more choices of accessories that make a home personal. Collections such as glass animals, baskets, figurines, shells, and so forth can be displayed on shelves or in glass front cabinets. Just limit the pieces.

It is worth all the effort we put into making our homes personal to us. We feel more comfortable in our customized home. Children will feel more at home when they have a say in decorating decisions in their bedrooms. A home can change a little over time as children grow and taste change.

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