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The World’s Most Luxurious Travel Experiences

If you’re a regular jet-setter, you might be forgiven for believing you’ve already seen and experienced it all. The five-star hotels, the infinity pools, the private beaches and the private jets, however, might pale in comparison to some of the experiential travel options ambitious holidaymakers can now experience.

The global luxury travel market is on the rise. It was expected to be worth around $993 billion in 2016, with the experiential market making up almost two-thirds of that value. As we all continue to long for more unique and exotic vacations, that market is set to grow exponentially as out-of-this-world experiences become more generic and we push even harder to find that elusive ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ luxury travel experience. If, like me, you’re fascinated by luxurious travel then you find can all you need to know about private jet costs here and it’s crazy interesting!

Here, we’ll focus on just a few of those experiences…

Thanda Island

Eight hectares of tropical heaven, this remote island in Tanzania is about as remote as it gets. Featuring a luxury villa (all solar-powered) and including boat transfers, this secluded getaway will set you back around $10,000 per night. Nearby, there is also an ancient underwater sunken city to explore and the villa itself is fully staffed.

The Muraka

A $15 million underwater holiday paradise, The Muraka is situated on Conrad Maldives Rangali Island and is so exclusive that the price has to be individually negotiated with the property team. The options are ludicrous – personal butlers to cater for your every whim, private yachts and speedboats and the knowledge that you’re staying at perhaps the most exclusive resort under the sea.

Passport to 50

Boutique travel agency DreamMaker has put together a package that allows you to travel to 20 cities in as many days, starting in Thailand and taking in Europe, Africa and the US before returning. The trip includes private jet hire for your holiday duration of two Begin 767 planes and includes everything from wine tasting to poker and in-flight yoga. All for a bargain price of $14 million.


Perhaps the final frontier for any ambitious traveller, Antarctica is one of the most mysterious and unexplored places on earth, with only around 300 visitors making it to the interior every year. White Desert, however, is a company built on turning the continent into a playground. For just under $100,000 per week, you’ll be flown by a private jet to the ‘most remote hotel on earth’ in the South Pole. From there, you’ll explore ice tunnels and penguin colonies and might even spot the odd migrating blue whale!

North Island

Finally, what better way to celebrate luxury than holidaying in the same spot that royals like to honeymoon. Located in the Seychelles, this private island resort is the very same location where Prince William and Kate enjoyed their post-nuptial bliss. The island includes 10 villas, each setting you back at least $7,000. However, that price also includes all food and drink and any activities you can imagine. So it’s effectively a posh all-inclusive!

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