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Living the Life in an RV

Do you ever see those big, long, box-shaped, house-on-wheels type of things driving on the road passing you by without a care in the world? Kids waving at the windows with big smiles, the parents upfront in matching jumpers singing along to what can only be the jolliest of songs.

Where are they going you think to yourself? Or if you are like me, why are they wearing the same clothes but in different sizes? And if we’re twins, then you are pondering as to where can we get that soundtrack that is making them the happiest people on the road.

We won’t judge. What we do want to know is why you have chosen to take on the task of travelling around the globe in a large metal box? Have you become a member of a not so secret society and are now spreading the news of you becoming a travel nomad?

Travelling in RV’s are great. You have everything you need all in one place all the time. The family, never-ending beautiful scenery and a roof over your head, what more could you want? To make sure that everything goes smoothly, being prepared is key. To know more about this, you can visit sites like The RV Nomad or follow the tips below.

Five Tips for Travelling in an RV

Speaking of kids, to make their experience even better, having unusual recipes at hand can be a real treat. Click here to be the ultimate food prepper that ever camped. You can even get them involved in the preparations or cooking, make an event out of it.

Anything that allows the trip to be fun, stress-free and no-one is complaining is my kind of journey.

RV Apps to Help the Drive

Technology is certainly a massive priority in our lives at the moment, so of course, it makes sense to use it to our advantage. There are applications (apps) for anything you can think of and travelling in an RV is no different.

The two I’ve heard of most spoken about are Roadtrippers and Google Trips. Do some research and see what’s best for you. Or a good old paper map never hurt anyone, do they even still make those?

Camping Stayover

So, the app has worked, and you’ve arrived at a campsite, how does it all work? There are rules and courtesies, an unspoken understanding by fellow RVers.

You may choose to park and hook up in the main communal area and let the kids run wild with other kids that parents have let loose in need of a quick time out from the madness. Or you could decide on a more secluded, out the way spot where you can sit out at night in peace with a large wine.

Either way, everyone is there, for the most part, to relax and unwind.

Nomads have this as their daily lives, I bet they have some stories. Who am I talking about? Probably the only people to tick off most of their bucket list that’s who. Perhaps not for the exact reasons as in the past, but certainly for the memories.

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