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How to Decorate Your Bedroom Like a Pro *

*This is a collaborative post.

Professional interior designers can make any place look and feel like home. They are like magicians who have the ability to turn old and shabby houses into true oases where people can enjoy themselves like nowhere else. 

But did you know that you can also do some things around your home to improve it? You might not be a professional, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make your home look nice. With a few simple tricks, you can make a real difference. 

In this article, we’ll provide you with a couple of ideas for decorating your bedroom. Turn at least one of them into reality and your bedroom will quickly become your favorite room in the house.

Keep reading to discover amazing ideas!

Bed Covers

When it comes to bed covers, the majority of people choose something practical and affordable. However, that’s a mistake you shouldn’t make. Due to their size, bed covers greatly affect the look of your entire bedroom. For that reason, you should go for something that’s out of the box. 

Consider interesting patterns or vivid colors. There are countless designs in stores nowadays; all you have to do is browse a bit and pick something that speaks to you and goes well with the furniture in your bedroom. 

You can either visit stores in your neighborhood or shop online. Webshops have become so advanced that you can even see the fabric up close in pictures and determine its quality without going to an actual store. 

Bamboo Floors

A decade or two ago, carpets that cover the entire floor were a hit, especially in bedrooms. Nowadays, the situation is entirely different. People love showing off their floor and usually opt for small carpets so that the accent can remain on the floor itself. 

A clean, shiny, hardwood floor is a must in every modern home. If you still have carpets in your bedroom, it’s high time that changed. To make the most of your investment, opt for bamboo flooring that comes in multiple styles and colors. 

This type of floor is great for people who have kids and/or pets since it’s:

In addition, bamboo flooring can be refinished, although that is almost never needed in a residential setting. Also, it is very versatile — it can be installed over concrete, in basements, and more.

Finally, this type of floor looks great. We assure you that your bedroom will look classy and expensive once you have bamboo floors installed. 

Artwork and Accessories

No room is complete without some amazing art pieces, and your bedroom is no exception. If you think that artwork belongs in the living room and dining room, think again. 

Incorporate just one small piece of art into your bedroom and you’ll see how much different the whole room will look and feel. You don’t have to invest in expensive pieces and spend half of your salary. Buy from local artists and make the most of your money. 

If you are not into art, there are other ways to decorate your bedroom. You can buy some accessories such as candles, photo frames, decorative pillows, etc. Just be careful not to buy too many things at once. Start small and add one piece at a time. If you feel like something is still missing, then you can start buying more stuff.


Even though some consider them unimportant, nightstands are essential pieces in every bedroom. They come in various styles and colors — all you have to do is pick a design that goes well with your bed and the rest of the furniture in your bedroom. 

The best thing about these pieces is that they are very affordable, which means you can make a big difference with a bit of money.

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