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My Rydale Boots; A Country Girl in A Big City *

*I was very kindly sent the Rydale Kilburn Boots to review. However, as always, all opinions are entirely my own.

For anyone that knows me or follows any of social media accounts, you’ll know I’m very much a country girl living in a very big city, in fact, it’s the best city in the world but that doesn’t stop me from dreaming a very different life.

I bloody love working and playing in London; it has everything you need and so much more but I do love to escape out to the country at every chance we can. With this is mind, I’ve decided to invest in a few items of clothing that work well for both hardcore city life with daily commuting (obviously, not right now as we’re all being sensible and staying home, right?!) and weekend trips out to the country or even just the country park to clear our heads.

My first thought was that the two most important items for this kind of job would be my footwear and jacket.

So, the quest began for boots that are sturdy, comfortable and look good. Oh, and ones that aren’t Dr.Martens!

In step Rydale, a British brand built to create the pinnacle of country and outdoor clothing by Yorkshireman John Nichols. His family, now in their 3rd generation, are still keeping up his hope and dreams by taking the brand from strength to strength.

After being a brand for almost 50 years, they underwent a refreshing as they wanted to bring the brand to more people. They wanted to appeal to those, like myself, that live in towns and not just the country with a farming background. They’re now a household name for, not only those that spend time at country shows but for those that enjoy the country style and love a quality brand!

I picked the Kilburn Leather Yard Boots, and yes, I know I don’t work in yard, but I knew they would be hella durable and cope super well with all the walking, commuting and country breaks I plan to put them through.

I also loved them as you can’t go wrong with a trendy ankle boot cut as they never go out of fashion and I love to style these kinds of boots with both jeans and summer dresses! These farmer’s dealer boots, as they are known, feature side-stretch panels, a front and rear tab for an easy on-off and sturdy treaded rubber sole that will ensure anything!

So far, they’ve coped so well; they’ve been to work, got halfway round the Bermondsey Beer Mile, been on long country walks, to the park and just day to day city life no matter what the weather. I’ve had zero rubbing, no blisters or sores which is rare for me as I’m rather prone to them!

To be honest, as all of the products, not just my lush new boots, have been tried and tested out on the streams and becks, over stiles across the Yorkshire Moors, you know they’re going to do just fine otherwise they wouldn’t have ended up on the website!

Not only are all the products tried and tested, they actually listen to customer feedback; when people requested more work shirts, that’s what they got, when a request for both warm and waterproof wellies came in, they stepped up the challenge and produced, and when stylish tweed was requested for women, you know damn right what happened. You also know what is next on my list to pick up from Rydale; a tweed blazer!

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