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What’s the Benefits of a Smart TV over a Basic TV? *

*This is a collaborative post.

The turn of the century brought in the smart TV; a TV that is just as interactive as a computer or tablet. Voice commands, internet access, apps, wifi, Bluetooth and casting–you name it. It is so self-sufficient, you don’t even require a cable network anymore to watch your favourite shows. The colourfully vivid, crisp resolution displays are so life-like, it is uncanny to think of as a TV screen. In fact, in the near future, the even smarter TVs will likely be a 3-in-1 and much, much more–or less, depending on your perspective. Meaning: the TV is ever-changing, and will never be what it once was. But, how do you know if it’s for you? Let’s take a gander at what the smart TV has to offer that the old wooden, floor console colour TV, simply doesn’t.

Wireless Firewall/Internet Access

With a standard-equipped wireless firewall, better known as wi-fi, and internet access, smart TVs have created an entirely new world of watching experience. You can watch your favourite shows on-demand, in the click of a button, simply stating it aloud with voice command options. Simply connect your smart TV to your home’s internet network and it will do the rest.

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Network Software Apps

Most smart TVs come with software apps pre-loaded, so the hard part has been done for you. You can log in once, and your smart TV will remember you each time you want to use the app. Access your favourite network’s app, and see bonus content that you wouldn’t otherwise see through their regular programming. Like intimate up-close interviews, or behind-the-scenes, making-of footage. Pretty much every network has an app these days, making it easier for their viewers to connect. Now, you can too!

Bluetooth Technology/Mirror Casting

Bluetooth is basically a way to share files through the airwaves. It is not necessarily going onto the internet, but it often requires internet for usage. This is the best way to connect other Bluetooth devices like cellphones, headphones, speakers or other appliances. Speaking of which, you can also use your cell phone or tablet to mirror cast on to your smart TV screen, to share with a larger audience.

Crisp Resolution

Let’s see. There were 480 and 720p LCD, liquid crystalized display screens which satisfied most viewers until the blockbuster movies started in with CGI, computer graphics interface. That’s when we were introduced to Blu-Ray discs and the quality of TV needed to keep up with the avid movie-viewers who wanted to appreciate the graphics.. Then came the plasma screens, ushering in the HD, High-Definition 1080 smart TVs making them household items. Now, there’s 4K Ultra which is so surreal it has yet to be surpassed.

There you have it, friends. There’s no question that you should check the best smart TVs on sale, it’s “when will you buy it?” If you look hard enough, you might find a small number of basic TVs still around, some may even be in-use. But it’s only a matter of time that every home will in fact contain a smart TV as it is now, the “new normal.” Only, be sure to buy a good one, because history tells us that they cycle-out pretty quickly. Our advice: start with a 4K and get a headstart. Enjoy!

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