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How To Deal With COVID Anxiety *

*This is a collaborative post.

As the Coronavirus pandemic looks set for a second wave that could be even worse than the first, many people are struggling with anxiety. It’s not just anxiety about catching the virus, but many are simply unsure of what they are allowed to do now, will we be going into another national lockdown? What will happen to your business? Will the children need to be homeschooled again? And with all this going on, some people are still feeling ‘Re-entry anxiety‘, a specific form of stress is related to the fear of being unable to adapt to previously established routines, from trying to go back to normal after the first wave and lockdown. But what can you do about it?

Take each day at your own pace

Although some restrictions have eased in some places and others remain uncertain, remember that you can still take things at your own pace. Even if you’re allowed to the pub, it doesn’t mean you have to go. Take baby steps, take your time and try to do a little more each day. If your office is reopening, but you can still work from home, then take your time. You don’t have to go straight back in full time, go in for one morning and then build it up and slowly re-establish a routine that you’re comfortable with.

If you can’t work from home and have to return to work, then talk with your employer about your concerns and find out what measures they have in place to protect you and keep you safe. 

Try alternative practice

Holistic therapy is a great way to help with re-entry anxiety. You can choose from crystal healing, self-massage or CBD products which all have great effects for helping you to get through the day. There are simple practices that have powerful benefits and give you the opportunity to slow down and acknowledge how you’re feeling.

Or try researching via a website like, which shares the array of health benefits from hemp extracts, but their primary focus is on the experience itself; whether you use their products for health, as a tool for self-growth and creativity, or purely for recreation is completely up to you.

Try to keep calm

When you’re feeling anxious, it’s important that you don’t let it take over you. To combat this, try spending five minutes each day practising some simple breathing exercises. Or practice ten minutes of mindfulness a day to help you to feel a sense of calm each day. 

Stay connected with people

Maintaining healthy relationships with people is so important for your mental wellbeing.

Where you can, visit or meet up with friends and family in person, but make sure you are following the latest government guidelines on social distancing. If you cannot meet up in person, then make the most of video calls or social media so that you don’t feel isolated and alone. When you do talk to people, make sure you let them know how you’re feeling too. Chances are they will feel the same, and if they don’t, then they can hopefully make you feel better about the situation. 

Look after yourself

Your physical health has a big impact on how you feel mentally. While it can be easy to fall into unhealthy habits such as eating rubbish and watching too much TV, this won’t help your anxiety at all. It’s important to try and eat healthy, to drink enough water and exercise regularly. Going for a walk, run or bike ride can really help lift your mood and clear your mind, or if you’re not feeling comfortable enough to go outside, then you could try a 10-minute home workout which will help you to feel better.

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