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Look Amazing in Jeans of any Style! *

*This is a collaborative post.

For most people, jeans are a not-negotiable, evergreen piece of clothing in any wardrobe. The greater part of the world relies on jeans to bring their wardrobe together, dress things up, dress them down, or simply to have a go-to piece of clothing that just gets better with age. But given the number of options available across the range of styling and colours for jeans, it’s no wonder that many people have a hard time deciding, or even figuring out which is the right one for them.

Jeans cover every taste, from a dressed-down look to a trendy or even formal look. Super versatile and ready to go, how you style them is up to you. The perfect pair with a perfect fit can seem hard to find.  Do you know your baggies from your skinnies?

Pick the shape that’s right for your shape

Women with slim hips and a boyish figure often have a flatter behind. Jeans for women with this build are often skinny or super tight to help them accentuate what they already have in their favour. If skinny legs are a concern, fake shapely legs can be created by wearing jeans with a tapered ankle. People who are built in this manner are often able to pull off a great look in fake jeans. What the heck are fake jeans, do you ask? Quite simply, these are leggings that have been printed to resemble the appearance of jeans.

Stretch denim is perfect for ladies with hourglass figures, as this accentuates the curves in the helps to tuck in the tummy. Look out for jeans that are labelled for curvy builds, as is are often cut with a tapered waist create a tucked-in look.

It’s a personal thing

From cropped jeans to printed jeans, skinny or boyfriend cut, the secret of picking a great pair of jeans is to pick a pair that accentuates your assets, and downplays your weaker points. Want to accentuate a great-looking backside? Jeans with very obvious back pockets. Prefer to downplay your bum? Pick a pair with plain, wide pockets.

It is not a universal look

Just because a certain cut or style is in fashion, doesn’t mean that everybody will look good wearing it. And find the cut that works best for you before purchasing it. Don’t be afraid to step outside of your range of comfort either, though. If you don’t try it, you’ll never know what you missing, and who’s to say you won’t look fantastic in those dungarees that have frightened you all along? Most importantly, don’t forget to play around and have fun with your decision-making process!

Know what you’re working with

Even though jeans sizing is often not universal, having a basic breakdown of your sizes while shopping for jeans can make all the difference. If you are feeling doubtful while buying online, why not order two sizes, and send back the one that doesn’t fit?

I hope these guidelines help you to find that perfect pair!

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