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Simple Ways To Vamp Up The Home Before Christmas *

*This is a collaborative post.

One of the most wonderful seasons in the world is Christmas, and as families we all love to celebrate the festive season with the ones we love the most. Hosting at Christmas, even during this pandemic, can be brilliant but also stressful. 

If your home hasn’t been touched for a long time and you haven’t had guests for a while you may want to take some time in the next few weeks to touch up the home to make it look fresh and clean. We have some brilliant ways for you to vamp up your home at low cost this festive season to get it ready for guests. 

Here are some simple jobs you can do to refresh the decor of your home for Christmas. 

Redo the gloss paint 

One of the best jobs you can do to instantly make a room feel fresher and new is to touch up the gloss paint. Gloss paint is usually what covers your skirting boards, doors, and stairs and over time a bright white can fade and become stained yellow. To freshen up the home and make it look brighter you can do a few coats of white paint on your glossy areas to freshen it up and make it look new. You can also consider adding a layer of gloss paint to things such as old wooden mirror frames to make it look new and glossy. 

Consider new lighting

Lighting always seems to be an element of the home that goes unnoticed and unthought of, and it is something that makes a bigger impact than you think on the home. There are design trends that come and go but a classic light fitting such as a pendant or a spotlight never goes out of style. Consider changing the light fitting in your living room this week and see what a difference it can make to the look as well as the light in your room. 

Try a lick of paint 

One of the easiest ways to change a space in a day is to paint the walls a new colour. Christmas time is a time for family, for love, and for comfort – and one of the best things you can do to your living room is emanate that feeling. Try bringing a lick of warm coloured paint to your walls such as red, plum, orange or green to bring a touch of the festive season to your house. It will make a massive difference to the overall look of a room and will make it feel brand new. 

Create a stunning entryway 

One brilliant way to get the home ready for the festive season is to create a beautiful entryway. The entryway is the first part of the house anyone sees when they come to your home and it can make them either feel nothing or make them feel welcome. Hang a wreath on the door and consider bringing a table with a plant and a candle to the front of the house in view of the door. Wrap a festive Garland around your stairs and hang some fairy lights too so that the first thing people see is a festive wonderland. 

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  1. Georgie says:

    Got to love garlands at this time of year! I don’t have any stairs in my house so will have to make do with stringing it elsewhere!

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