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Versatile Yet Unique – Ribbon Necklaces

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In this era, fashion is all about making an impression and a statement. Everyone strives to stand out from the crowd by going for alternative looks and one of kind pieces. Gone are the days when we would all merely stick to our trusty fashion staples, such as a pair of fitted dark denim jeans or a trusted silver necklace with a heart pendant. It is time to say hello to the days where quirky fashion finds and striking garments take to the forefront of the fashion world. 

One of the ways you can stand out from the crowd is through the art of clever accessorising. Statement earrings, quirky rings and bold necklaces are the perfect way to attract attention and spice up a plain outfit. Jewellery has the ability to completely transform any look and with the wide range of different pieces available these days there is no telling what you can do. Through a mere quick search online you will see an array of different inspirations, textures and trends represented through the fantastic ranges of jewellery available. 

One type of jewellery which is quirky and bold and is ensured to attract the eye of every fashionista is the ribbon necklace. Ribbon necklaces are different and unique. They tend to be cheap as they are simply made out of a basic fabric, therefore you only really pay for whatever pendant or charm may be attached. 

In addition to this, they are extremely fashionable because they act as a statement piece due to the attention they draw. They come in a vast range of sizes, colours and patterns and thus you can find anything from crazy patterns to bold colours to individual unique designs to the more subtle approach, guaranteeing that there is something for each person’s personality and style. 

Another great thing about a ribbon necklace is that they are really easy to wear. Not only are they lightweight but the chances of them causing any irritation is very small. This is extremely useful for those who find gold and silver hard to wear because they cause a nasty reaction to their skin, thus ribbon thankfully provides an attractive alternative. They also look beautiful with other accessories. Why not team with one of the stylish Balenciaga bags for a catwalk-worthy look?

Ribbon necklaces are not the only type of jewellery involving ribbon on the market today, although they do seem to be the most popular option. You can also get bracelets and rings made out of ribbon as well as earrings which have ribbon incorporated into the design. Matching ribbon necklace and bracelet sets are becoming more popular with ribbon cuffs giving an alternative take on the current boom of cuffed jewellery at present. 

All in all if you are seeking an alternative jewellery piece to stand out from the crowd then a ribbon necklace provides an attractive option. Not only are they beautiful and unique but they are extremely easy to wear, available in a huge range of different styles and designs and most importantly they are affordable to all of us. 

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