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What Does My Dream Kitchen Look Like? *

*Collaborative post.

We all know how desperate I am to buy our very own home together, but sadly job loss during the pandemic and being freelance has put a little hold on that. Even though we can’t sell up the flat and get house hunting for another few months, that hasn’t stopped us from planning ideas of how we’d like our rooms to be decorated. I have Pinterest boards ready to go, a few albums on Instagram of ideas and even a few suppliers up my sleeve so we can really hit the ground running when we finally get a set of keys!

For us, like most people, we know our kitchen will be a hub of excitement; cooking, entertaining, drink and of course, plenty of dancing! Pretty much a room for all of my favourite things, so the decor has to be just perfect!

You all know how I’m going to walk you through my kitchen plans, so I won’t drag this out any more than I have done already as I know that’s what you’re here for…

The Colour Scheme

Our taste in decor is fairly dark, the flat is predominately decorated in the dark side of the Farrow and Ball range and this theme is unlikely to change when we move!

We’re thinking of a darker blue, charcoal grey or even a very dark green country kitchen type theme with pops of colour here and there to bring in some light. We’ve already started collected bright blue, also known as Marseille Blue, items from Le Creuset to be stacked on open shelves when not in use as they will fit the theme and give that initial colour contrast. Those shelves will also give us lots of other storage too for the likes of pasta jars, glasses and mugs!

The Cupboards and Work Surfaces

With the country kitchen vibe being our theme our cupboards will what are known as ‘shaker’ like those pictured above, but obviously in our darker colour choice. They’re just very simple wooden cupboards that look super smart!

We’d go for light stone or white marble counter tops to balance out with dark in the rest of the room. As much as I do love a wooden counter, they are quite tough with hot pans and staining and being as clumsy as I am I think something a little harder wearing is a safer bet!

The handles on the cupboards would match the colour we go for with our taps and appliances.

The Flooring

We know that we will be going with tiles for the kitchen floor as they’re easy to maintain and there are so many amazing ones on offer. We like the idea of having stone, slate or terracotta tiles to keep our country kitchen theme running.

As great as wooden flooring does look in a kitchen, I want to keep it a little different and slightly industrial looking too with some statement flooring! We do just need to be careful that the flooring isn’t too dark if as we don’t want to suck up all the natural lighting!

I am literally so excited to create our dream kitchen as it’s something we’ve discussed for so long now and seeing it in the flesh will be such a reward!

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