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Tips for Decorating Your Garden *

*Collaborative post.

Want to know a few key ways to decorate your garden for summer? Then read on!

An Outdoor Rug and Ornaments

“A furnished garden shouldn’t appear too flawless or artificial,” says Susie Beall, an interior designer who designed the gardens on their rolling acre in Southern California home with her architect husband, Ed. Their goal was to make outdoor rooms as comfortable as indoor spaces.

Area rugs are incredibly flexible furnishings that give a room individuality and texture. A wide rug made of natural fibres (such as seagrass or sisal) is an affordable option to cover your hard flooring.

These textured elements, which have been thoughtfully positioned and are attractive and functional, provide subtly yet additions to your garden, just add in a nice seating area which is where you should go when you’re not playing at  south african gambling sites or at a land-based casino!

Repeat Your Home’s Exterior Style

Garden ornaments are much more than just an afterthought; they may influence how you shape and use your outdoor space, as well as how it feels when you are there.

Ornaments can transport your home’s aesthetic into the environment, anchoring the structure in its surroundings. Iron urns are set atop matched terracotta pedestals to complement the rustic stone-clad doorway. Or potted succulents in the courtyard to potentially mirror the theme of house plants indoors and can also serve as a focal point.

Dress Up Garden Entrances

Even in a tiny environment, a series of isolated places connected by passages and roads gives an everyday stroll a sense of intrigue and expansiveness.

The Beall’s designed a path that starts near the house with a wisteria-draped arbour and leads downward, across terraces, along pathways, and down steps that continue the concept of an eye-catching, weather-worn stone.

Tie Furnishings into the Overall Scheme

Of course, the style of any tables and chairs you choose has a significant impact on the appearance of your outdoor spaces. They should, however, blend in with the rest of your ornamental items and materials.

At a pottery yard, the Beall’s discovered a pair of affordable rust-finished iron dining set which they obtained with their winnings from using AU online casinos for real money. They add to the already created informal lounge for refreshments and they have created conversation by scattering extra chairs about the paved outdoor rug!

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