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How To Create A Country-Style Oasis In Your City Townhouse *

*Collaborative Post

While a ‘mass city exodus’ has seen as many as 2.2 million people leaving city areas like London, undeniable benefits including easy transport links and proximity to everything we could need mean that, for some of us, city living is as good now as it ever has been. 

However, as shabby chic and cottage home decor takes ever-firmer hold in all of our hearts, this so-called city shift has certainly got one thing right – even the city dwellers among us dream of picturesque properties. The question is, can you really achieve the cuteness of countryside style in your townhouse setup slap bang in the heart of the city? We think so, and here’s how you can make it happen.

Focus on your exteriors

Even shabby chic interiors aren’t necessarily going to provide the calming country vibe you’re after until your exteriors get with the program. For the sake of curb appeal, especially, exterior touches including climbing wisterias, window baskets packed with bright flowers, and even something like these oak framed buildings if you have the room for them, could all help to make your home look like it’s been transplanted right out of the Cotswolds. As well as putting a smile on the faces of every passerby, this can make your home feel like a haven from the moment you return, all with the added benefit of those city plus points just around the corner.

Always invest in double glazing

While townhouses in areas like London’s Portobello Road have likely already been modernised, more affordable city homes may not necessarily provide benefits like double glazing as standard. This can significantly increase noise inside the home and, if you can hear all of the sounds of city life as though they were happening in your living room, there’s no way you’re going to achieve a countryside-style oasis the way that you’re hoping to. As such, it’s essential to invest in double glazing at least within the rooms you use the most often. That said, with many window installation companies offering deals for whole-house replacements, you may simply find it worthwhile to create a completely soundproof home that really does feel like it could be in the heart of deep countryside. 

Keep your decor vintage

While many design companies now aim for an intentionally shabby chic style for most home decor additions, it’s also worth perfecting this appearance in even your inner-city home by buying your decor items vintage where you can. Luckily, there are some great vintage markets in the vast majority of UK cities, as well as some top auction houses that mean you’re far better positioned than even someone in the countryside for making this style work. By seeking vintage additions including ornaments, vases, and even books, you especially stand to create a countryside calm that you never previously thought possible from your city location.

A country-style city townhouse literally offers the best of both worlds, and as you can see here, it couldn’t be an easier goal to achieve! 

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