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How To Plan The Ultimate Staycation *

*Collaborative Post.

A staycation is an excellent way to take a break away from your usual routine and have some fun and take advantage of a little downtime. Remember that you don’t always have to travel far or spend a lot of money to enjoy yourself.

It’s a great opportunity to dive a bit deeper into your surroundings and you won’t have to worry about having to jump on an airplane and deal with crowds at the airport. Instead, you can sit back and take pleasure in all that your local city and area have to offer. Learn what you can do to ensure you plan the ultimate staycation and truly love your local adventure.

Make A Plan

It’s wise to make a plan for what you want to see and do even though you’re close to home. Otherwise, you risk wasting time and not getting to see and do all the things that you should be checking out. Have a plan and itinerary for where you’ll go, how you want to spend your days, and what you’ll do when. Read reviews online before you head out so you can ensure that you’re hitting up the best spots and attractions. Find out what will be worth your time and what to skip so you’re using your days most efficiently.

Book Accommodations

Your staycation will be that much more fun and enjoyable when you aren’t staying at your house each night. Instead, book accommodations elsewhere in the area so it feels like you’re on a real holiday. For instance, your area might offer rentals near the water or fancy hotels where you can go get pampered at the spa and have a tasty meal. It’ll feel more like a break away from your normal responsibilities if you remove yourself from your home for a few days and get out and indulge a bit by staying at a new location.  

Dress Up & Enjoy A Night on the Town

You can organise the ultimate staycation by planning to go out and enjoy yourself in the evenings as well. For instance, make a reservation for dinner at a fancy restaurant, head to a comedy show, or go out dancing. Make sure you pack accordingly and make the evening more exciting and special by getting dressed up and wearing outfits that make you look attractive and stylish. For instance, you may want to look into purchasing Mens Wingtip Handmade Brogues that will help you put together the perfect look and outfit for a night out. It’ll feel refreshing to dress up and head out and partake in an outing that makes you feel relaxed and puts a smile on your face.

Spend Time Outdoors

Another way to ensure you enjoy your staycation is to get outside and spend time outdoors. For example, have a picnic in a local park, go sightseeing to various outdoor attractions, or take a hike and appreciate all nature has to offer. You may also want to get up each day and head out for a run or walk to help you wake up and as a way to do a bit more sightseeing in the area. You’re likely always indoors in your city because you’re working so this is your chance to get out and go exploring and soak up all nature has to offer.

Take A Day Trip

Just because you’re on a staycation doesn’t mean you can’t leave the area and add a little excitement to your days. Therefore, consider taking a day trip to a nearby location that may be interesting to see and explore. Pack up a few items, hop in your car, and go check out a city that’s nearby and will be exciting and enjoyable to spend some time in. For instance, there may be a beach or water park in the area you want to check out or maybe there’s a spot that offers a lot of history and unique places to visit that you haven’t had time to check out in the past.


These tips will help you plan the ultimate staycation and confirm that your time is well spent and enjoyable. Be sure to plan out the details as much as possible so you’re not always winging it and risk not getting to see and do all that you had hoped for. Remind yourself that while you want to be on the go and fill your days, it’s also important to rest, relax, and regroup so you return home from your staycation feeling re-energised and ready to return to your usual schedule.

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