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4 Smart Ways To Add Value To Your Home *

*Collaborative Post.

A lot of people spend money on their homes, trying to improve them, but it always feels like a trade off. Yes, money flows into their properties, but it doesn’t add to the overall sale price – and that’s a problem. 

But it doesn’t have to be this way. You can actually have your cake and eat it too. You can spend money on your property and watch its value increase as a result (effectively giving you all of your money back when you come to sell). It’s just a question of choosing the right home improvements. 

Repaint Damaged Sections

Before you invest in expensive home improvements, such as pools, ask yourself whether you can improve your property’s appearance with a lick of paint. Paint is incredibly cost effective and can make a tatty interior or exterior look brand new in just a few hours of work. Plus, since it’s so simple to paint your home, you don’t have to hire expensive contractors to carry out the work for you. It’s a win-win. 

Increase Your Square Footage

Buyers generally want to know what square footage your home is to work out whether it offers them good value for money or not. The higher the total floor space, the more versatile the home becomes. 

Naturally, there are several ways to increase the livable area of your home – some more costly than others. Perhaps the most affordable way to do it is to build a patio and then cover it with a verandah. This gives you somewhere out of direct sunlight where you can enjoy your garden while sitting in shade. 

More expensive options include things like converting the loft and building an extension. You can also consider knocking through interior walls, though these might not offer much of an increase in overall space. 

Upgrade The Two Most Important Rooms: The Kitchen And Bathroom

Buyers don’t care all that much about the quality of your lounge and hallway, since these rooms are easy to redecorate. The most important elements of the home are the kitchen and bathroom. 

If you can upgrade the kitchen and bathroom to a high spec, both these rooms are much more likely to interest buyers. In the bathroom, for instance, you can include a host of additional features, such as electronically-controlled showers. In the kitchen you can build islands, freezer drawers and even ice-making machines directly into the units themselves. 

Improve Your Landscaping At The Front

When it comes to selling your property, first impressions matter. If you can create the wow factor within the first fifteen seconds or so, you’re much more likely to generate a sale. Naturally, the best way to do this is to improve your landscaping at the front. Curb appeal makes it easier for buyers to imagine that they could live in your property. It also makes it much more desirable. Furthermore, appraisers – people who value your home – are much more likely to view it positively if it looks good on the approach. In other words, it will increase their valuations. 


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