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What do you know about Playing Baccarat? *

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Baccarat is a game where participants collect points from combinations of two or three cards. Its rules are straightforward, so beginners quickly learn it. However, the odds of winning are 1 to 1, which means that the casino’s advantage is relatively low. The game is more prevalent in Asia, but it is also loved in the West. So if you love cards, you can try the game at

Baccarat rules

Below, you can find the American version of baccarat rules, which is the most common in casinos.

As a rule, baccarat involves one or three croupiers. The number of players — up to 14 people, although in theory, their number is unlimited. Eight full decks play in the game. There is one dealer in mini-baccarat, which is more common in the West, and he only stirred the cards. 

In a typical baccarat casino session, both the player and dealer (banker) will participate in the game. Therefore, sometimes baccarat is also called punto-banco (player-banker). First, the player makes a bet. Betting limits are defined on the gaming table, usually written on a special table.

Then the player and the dealer get two cards each. In exceptional cases described below, one or both of them take a third card. The hands are then compared, after which it is determined who won.

Baccarat combinations

The most expensive combination in baccarat, the so-called natural, is two cards that add nine or eight points. Cards from a deuce to a nine are counted by their value. An Ace is equal to one point, and the rest do not count. 

If a player has more than nine points, ten points are subtracted from the sum. In this case, overkill is excluded, and there is always zero to nine points in the hand.

Baccarat Bets

There are three types of bets available in baccarat: 

  1. Punto — a player win, paid 1 to 1;
  2. Banco —  a victory for the dealer, paid 1 to 1, but with a deduction of 5% of the amount for the benefit of the casino;
  3. Tie — an equal number of points in hand. Paid 8 to 1 or 9 to 1, depending on the rules of the casino.

Baccarat varieties

In addition to the American version, there are many varieties of baccarat. The basic idea is the same: you need to score up to 9 points in your hands. Otherwise, there are differences:

The layout of the tables also differs, depending on the casino or version of the online game.

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