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Best Mainstream Amercian Beers For An NBA Barbecue *

*Collaborative Post.

Quality food and drinks are a staple of enjoying sports at your home or a venue that is showing your game. Everyone likes to enjoy a beverage while relaxing with their friends and family, all the while getting into the game that’s being shown. The NBA is no different in this respect.

Listed here are some of the most popular American beers that sports lovers like to consume while watching the game.


A staple of the beer-drinking community in the United States, Budweiser has been around since 1876. Bud Light is especially popular among sports enthusiasts and not so much for its great taste, but its reputation. There is not a single household that watches the NBA finals that does not have a Budweiser nearby. Although sales have dwindled over the years, it is still a favourite for budding sports fans. Once the Budweiser’s get cracked open, you know the sporting theme has begun and a good time will be had.

Pabst Blue Ribbon

This beer is most popular with the younger generation who want to watch LeBron dunk all over his opponents. Known as PBR, it is a beer that has been around since 1844 so it is not a new kid on the block. The company went through some hard times in the early 2000s but was able to come back with better sales and remains a favourite to this day. It is considered an inoffensive beer that works for all people who want to have a quiet drink while enjoying the sports on TV. 

Coors Light

The second most popular American beer is Coors Light, which has been produced by Molson Coors Brewing Company since 1978. It’s not a well-loved beer among beer connoisseurs but is nonetheless popular with the general population. The beer has shipped over 14 million barrels in 2019 alone and has maintained popularity with sports goers all over the United States. Coors Light has been a mainstay for American drinkers because it has a clean and crisp flavour which is favourable to the palate of most people. If you are watching basketball and want to bet on the NBA, then kick back with some Coors Lights and see how the game plays out. Hopefully, some good luck will come your way. 

Samuel Adams

One of the best-selling beers in the United States, the beer named after founding father Samuel Adams is a staple of the American drinking public. The home of Samuel Adams beers is in Boston, Massachusetts, and has been since 1984. If you are following the Celts then grab a Samuel Adams and cheer the team on. Entrepreneur and billionaire Jim Koch started a microbrewery out of his house and made this company a formidable force in the beer market.

Dogfish Head

One of the strongest stout beers at 20%, this beer is known for its strength and impeccable taste throughout the world. Any NBA game is comfortably accompanied by a Dogfish Head beer when the finals get heated. The brewery was opened in 1995 in Delaware and has remained popular since its inception. 31 states have select brews of the beer and it is a testament to why Americans like this beer so much.


Whether you’re barbequing in the great outdoors or watching the game from the comfort of your lounge room, having an American beer in hand just makes the event so much more entertaining. 

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