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Little Confidence Boosters *

*This is a collaborative post.

Some days you might feel on top of the world; others, you might feel like the world is on top of you. Confidence usually ebbs and flows, but sometimes It can feel like it’s completely ebbing away from you.

When significant life changes happen to us, having a baby by losing people we love, moving location, losing a job or getting a new one, our confidence can take a lot of minor knocks. 

But every once in a while, those minor knocks stack up and can leave us feeling less than great. And most of the time, you might not even notice that your confidence is taking most of the hits until you realise you don’t feel very confident more regularly than you do feel confident. 

We can do many things to boost our confidence; some of them are physical, other things are emotional, and others are mental. We get much of our confidence from our self-esteem, so when we talk about looking great and feeling great, the two are linked.

But it’s not just about what you are and what you do; confidence is something you build over time, and here are some little confidence boosters that can help you.

Clean up

Sometimes, when we’re going through mental health difficulties or aren’t feeling very confident, that can get on top of us and let our appearance get out of control. 

And it’s not about what other people see. It’s about what we see. 

If you’ve gone from washing your hair every day to struggling to do it once or twice a month, or you no longer put your favourite lipstick on, it might be time to chat with the doctor. 

Try heading to the bathroom or wherever you clean and preen. Do the simple things like washing your hair and brushing your teeth, and then maybe if you usually shave your legs, try doing that. Take it slowly until you reach the point where you think that’s enough.

This is more for you than anybody else and is about taking care of your body.


There can be nothing worse than the outside world telling you to smile, and perhaps they don’t know that you don’t have anything to smile about right now, and even if you did and you don’t need to smile for strangers and the world.

However, studies have shown that when we smile, we feel more confident and happier. If it’s your smile itself that’s causing you to frown, you can chat with your dentist and see if anything could be done after a deep clean is enough to have you feeling fresh and ready to smile, even if it’s just for yourself. 

If you happen to have teeth and arm misalignment, you can now get home-based apparatus for straight teeth.

Catch and release

One of the most important things you can do when trying to build your confidence back up is to notice when you are having negative thoughts and stop them. 

If you can highlight your negative thoughts, reason them through with logic and rerelease them, you’re less likely to feel bogged down by them. 

It can be a bit of a cliche, but one of the sayings about talking to yourself, like talking to your friends and family, especially people you love, support, and try to raise up – rings true here. Give yourself the same support. 

Confidence comes from within, and sometimes starting with the basics can see huge improvements. 

Here are some extra tips that can build on the basics: Make Your Confidence Sky High With These Tips.


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