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Welcoming A Small Animal Into Your Family: What You Need To Know *

*Collaborative Post.

Over recent years, pet ownership has risen astronomically, as many of us come to realise the appeal of having a furry friend to love us unconditionally. 

Pets are more than just animals; they’re members of the family. They give us love and affection, and in return all they need is tender love and a lot of care. As such, getting a pet is an important decision and one that’s not to be taken lightly. 

That goes for any type of pet, whether you choose a large animal or a small one. Small pets are a great starter pet for a family that’s never owned an animal before, or for owners who don’t have much space.

Still, just because they’re small, doesn’t mean that small animals are easy to look after, or that they can be ignored.

There are many things you need to know when welcoming a small animal into your life. We outline the basics in this article. 

Small Pets Need Their Own Home

Unlike cats and dogs, small animals need their own hutch or cage to live in. While you can let your pet roam your home under supervision, at night and when they’re relaxing your small animals need their own space. Their home needs to include comfortable bedding, such as hay or straw, which needs to be changed regularly. If you’re buying a rabbit hutch or guinea pig cage, then you should consider one with an outdoor space so they can run on the grass and then return inside the hutch when they want to rest or hide. A hamster cage should have an external tube to allow your pet to run around outside the cage without getting lost. Whatever type of small animal hutches you’re exploring, Go Yo Pets has an option to suit you and your new furry friend. 

Rodents Still Require A Lot Of Care

As well as their own home, small pets like rabbits and hamsters still require a lot of love, care and attention. While they aren’t as present as larger, free-roaming animals like cats and dogs, they still need stimulation and company. While another rodent can give them some company, most small animals also like to be around humans. Some types of small rodents, such as some breeds of hamsters, should be kept alone but given a lot of human interaction. So, if you’re buying a small animal because you think they’re easy, then you should reconsider your choice. Animals such as fish are more decorative, but small rodents require a lot of care, attention and cleaning, so if you’re not prepared for this, then you should think of choosing a different pet or avoiding one altogether. 

Each Breed Has Unique Characteristics 

When you think of breeds of animal, it’s easy to think of dog breeds. However, every type of domestic animal comes in various breeds, including rodents. Small animals like hamsters, rats, mice, rabbits and guinea pigs all come in different breeds, and each type has a specific temperament and unique needs. There are dozens of different hamster breeds alone, and even more types of rabbit and guinea pig. So, when you’re looking for a small animal for a pet, you need to work out which breed would work best for your family and has the temperament you expect. 

Adding a small animal to your family requires a lot of thought and preparation. These tips should help you to get started. 

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