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An Equal Partnership: How the Groom Can Get Involved in Wedding Planning *

*Collaborative Post.

We can feel that the concept of wedding planning is our baby, but we’ve got to avoid heading into bridezilla territory. The men in our life can benefit from being involved in planning a lot of aspects of the ceremony. Ultimately, collaboration is the name of the game.

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So what can we do to ensure that men have equal footing in the wedding planning, which makes it less stressful for us, but what they can do?

Organising Their Suit

This is the best place to begin. You are going to be focused on getting your dress and therefore this level of thought of getting the perfect wedding dress means that it could potentially take weeks or months of hard slog. Your husband-to-be can sort out their own suits. The trick is for you both to be on the same page with regard to the themes. Because if you are opting for an autumn wedding with colour schemes like dark reds and browns, your partner can easily choose nice suits that go with brown wedding ties and fully encapsulate that autumnal theme. Ultimately, your man needs to feel perfect in their wedding suit, so you need to give this over to them completely.

Planning According to Their Strengths

The hardest thing to do at this point is to not take over the operation. It’s got to be an equal partnership, and therefore it’s far better for us to play to our individual strengths. The men shouldn’t just feel included in the process. They need to be equal to us, because if you are giving them the dregs of certain duties, this can easily set off the chain of events that makes them feel that they are not in equal partnership with you. They are not going to feel like they are completely involved in the big day, and therefore, you need to ensure you both work towards your strengths. If your partner is more into music you can give them free rein in choosing the entertainment and the music while sitting down to eat.

Make Sure He’s Not Going Along With Everything

The planning process can be long, drawn out, and stressful, so you need to stick it out together. Sometimes, we want to have our way and therefore we give something to our partners only for us to shoot it down. If your husband-to-be is a “yes man,” this is a major red flag, not just because you are going to get the day you want completely with your choices, but playing the little games where you are secretly trying to get your own way for everything is not the proper foundation for a solid marriage, because he’s only going to feel like he is a part of your life rather than being an equal part of the team.


While there are a lot of things to bear in mind, such as making sure you don’t let budget get in the way and the biggest aspects of wedding planning, it’s so important to ensure that you are working effectively as a team.


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