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What Are The Main Benefits Of A Home Survey For Buyers? *

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Home surveys are relatively straightforward to understand. Buyers and sellers can use professional services to initiate them, with experts assessing the property’s condition and surrounding grounds. They then identify problems, or a lack thereof, and determine whether the property is being sold at a fair price. 

Many people on both sides of a property transaction can be nervous about the results of a home survey. For buyers, they can potentially be stuck with massively overpriced deals, fearful of their options. However, the home survey should bring clarity and present useful options. 

Let’s investigate how buyers benefit from home surveys more closely. Read on after the jump for our musings if you’re considering purchasing a home. 

Peace of Mind

Many firms specialising in home surveys are regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) standards. This means you can heed their counsel with confidence.

Moreover, these entities constantly review their processes to make things more efficient and fair for all. A new statement became effective on 1st March 2021, aiming to: 

Consequently, with an RICS-regulated surveyor, you can be comforted that you’re part of a system that only acts in your best interests. Awareness is building, and service is becoming sharper, giving you a well of confidence at one of the most nerve-wracking times in your life, buying a home!

Home Surveys are Hassle-Free

Some people prioritise speed when it comes to purchasing a property. The idea of long wait times and delays is hardly appealing. 

However, there are many instances of home surveys being hassle-free and even speeding up the process of property acquisition if you’re trying to get a mortgage from a provider with adamant policies in place. Securing a home survey is often a win-win situation. 

Of course, much of this depends on who you work with. Get an instant online quote for a home survey with GB Home Surveys. They ensure that working with them is a quick and affordable experience that will help you feel more confident and less stressed when purchasing a home. Their surveyors have vast local knowledge across 11 locations, and the service also uses the latest technology for efficiency. A RICS home survey can offer an impartial assessment of a property.

Negotiation Leverage

Most property purchases require some level of negotiation. It’s one of the five most important tactics to use at that time, and home surveys can give you leverage in your position. 

If the survey does go bad, you can use that information to lower your original offer. The amount you suggest depends on the circumstances, but nevertheless, you’re not out of bounds to rethink things. This approach could be especially prudent if the seller went out of their way to hide major issues during your viewings. It can expose their antics and make them more likely to agree to a price shift.  

Remember, even if the seller doesn’t want to bump down the price, it doesn’t mean that all is lost. You can still talk them into covering the costs of repairs themselves, which they may be willing to do. Keep trying and testing options because when the survey goes bad, you have options for cutting costs. 

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