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Why Having Your Own Style Is The Best Way To Dress *

*Collaborative Post.

Dressing the way you want to dress is the best way to live your life, and there should never be any doubt about that! Forget about what people say on TV, or what you read in magazines or on social media – a good style is one you’re comfortable in, and that means deciding on your wardrobe for yourself. 

To make sure you’re always dressing to empower yourself, here are the biggest and best reasons having your own style will always be superior to chasing the trends. 

You’ll Be More Comfortable

Being comfortable is an essential part of style. Even if you’re wearing a small strappy top that clings to the skin, you can still be comfortable! It’s all about your preferred kind of clothing, and not listening to what others say about you. And if you like wearing oversized womens tops out and about, go ahead and continue! A true sense of your own style will always make you feel strong in your own clothing choices, and being comfortable always helps you feel more like yourself. 

Your Wardrobe Will Last Longer

If you know what you want to wear, you won’t be buying into every single trend that ever comes out of social media. And that means you’re going to save a lot of money in the long run. You won’t be spending on new things every other week, and you won’t have to throw things out or donate them every other month. You’ll have clothes you know you can rely on, no matter what the current ‘style’ is or what the weather is doing. It might take a bit more effort to find such clothes, but you can be sure they’re the best items to dress in. 

You’ll Look Distinct Wherever You Go

Looking distinct is the point of style in the first place. If you wanted to look like everyone else, there wouldn’t be so much debate over fashion, and it wouldn’t be a billion pound industry either! And if you choose to follow the crowd in all cases, you’re never going to stand out in the way you want. You need your own style to help you be more noticeable wherever you go; the more you aim to craft your own fashion, the better your styling efforts are going to go. 

You’ll Have Much More Confidence

If you’re wearing something you’ve put together yourself, and you know it looks good thanks to the satisfied feeling in the back of your mind, you’re going to feel a lot more confident! You’re going to be able to strut like you mean it, as well as feel secure in yourself no matter where you go. That’s an invaluable part of living in the modern world; expressing yourself is best done through the way you look. 

If you’ve got your own style, your sense of fashion will be timeless. When it’s timeless, you can save money, feel comfortable in your clothes, and really enjoy expressing yourself. 

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