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7 Proven Ways For Men To Boost Energy Levels *

*Collaborative Post.

Low energy levels are commonplace in today’s world. People are tired and “sick and tired of being sick and tired.”

But that’s not how the body is supposed to be. Human beings are energetic creatures, just like all other creatures on this planet (sloths excepted). Unfortunately, there are problems with the way we live. We don’t nurture our natural energy and, much of the time, we actively work against it. 

In this post, we take a look at some proven methods for men to boost their energy levels and get their mojo back. Take a look at some of our ideas below. 

Stop Drinking Out Of Plastic Bottles

Plastic bottles are not your friend. While they might contain delicious mineral water, they also introduce hormone-disrupting chemicals into your system. 

Male fertility and health have been on a downward trajectory since the mass introduction of plastics around seventy years ago. Since then, reproductive potential has fallen dramatically, which might be one of the reasons birth rates are falling off a cliff, particularly in the west. 

If you want convenience, buy water in glass bottles. It tastes better and it’s better for the planet as well.

Stop Eating So Much Sugar

These days, sugar is everywhere. It’s even hiding in your ketchup. Unfortunately, it’s one of those foods that drain your energy. Immediately after eating, you feel great. But then after a couple of hours or so, you just want to go to sleep. 

You can avoid this by eating more whole foods. Legumes, whole grains and vegetables are all excellent foods to eat if you want to keep your energy levels constant. 

Try to avoid any high-fat or highly processed foods, too. While these might be convenient and taste good, they can also make you feel incredibly tired by the end of the week, particularly if you work long hours. 

Exercise More Often

Men need exercise. It’s how we evolved. We have to move our bodies often to stay healthy. 

Unfortunately, modern lifestyles mean that many of us simply don’t get the physical movement we need to thrive. And because of this, we slowly lose energy over time. 

Just be careful not to overdo it on the exercise front, though. Too much exercise can almost be as bad as too little. 

Resolve Low Testosterone

Low testosterone can cause all sorts of issues, including reduced energy and stamina, depression, trouble concentrating and even anaemia. Many men who lack this hormone can take on more feminine characteristics and may even experience erectile dysfunction. 

Unfortunately, there isn’t always a great deal you can do to avert declining testosterone levels. One option is to adopt an anti-ageing lifestyle with a healthy diet and exercise. This can keep testosterone levels elevated for slightly longer. Another strategy is to see your doctor and ask about supplemental testosterone, but this is more experimental. 

Get Rid Of Your Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a condition in which the airways close up while you sleep, temporarily preventing oxygen from getting into your lungs. Sleep apnea takes on several forms, but all of them induce extreme tiredness and fatigue if you don’t deal with them quickly. You may have trouble concentrating during the day or as though you haven’t had a proper night’s rest in the morning. 

To get rid of sleep apnea, your doctor may give you a CPAP machine. These maintain constant pressure in your airways, preventing them from collapsing when you fall unconscious. 

Another option is to lose weight. Sleep apnea is much more common among those carrying a few extra pounds. 

Deal With Your Lethargy

If you feel lethargic, there are many things you can do to deal with it, from eating Delta 8 Gummies to going for a run. 

The trick here is to get into a habit. You want your response to lethargy to become habitual. If you accept your lazy moods, they’ll come to dominate your personality and eventually you’ll find an excuse for avoiding things you need to do, such as repairing your home before the winter. 

Sort Out Your Thyroid Issues

Thyroid issues are a major driver of fatigue. If you don’t have enough thyroxine in your system, you’ll struggle to get out of bed in the morning and enjoy your life. You may also experience brain fog and a strong intolerance to the cold.

Fortunately, dealing with thyroid issues is easy. Just go to your doctor and get them to test your levels of the hormone. If they are too low, you can ask them to provide you with medication that boosts levels and brings your energy up to normal again.

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