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Great Ways to Get More Pleasure Out of Life

*Collaborative Post.

Life is meant to be enjoyed, but so many people are not enjoying it. They are caught up in the daily grind and dwell on the negative and forget to look around. Hidden all around us are triggers for happiness and enjoyment. Unfortunately, we have the habit of focusing on the wrong things. We have to learn how to focus on the good and the things that evoke that pleasurable feeling. By learning to change our outlook and doing things that increase our levels of well-being and create more balance, you can get more pleasure out of life. It doesn’t have to be a struggle every day. To help you find ways to make life more pleasurable, here are a few ideas:



If you want more pleasure in life and to do more activities, then you need to take care of your fitness. If you are fit, you are more able to do things such as go for walks, visit places, go on specific sightseeing holidays. It makes it far easier for you. You don’t have to worry about finding a seat or overexerting yourself. You are far less limited and have a lot more energy. Exercise in itself has so many benefits. The act of exercising floods the body with things called endorphins. These make you feel fantastic and can enhance your mood. Other ways it increases your mood are by helping the brain produce more dopamine and serotonin. Both of these are specific chemicals that help the brain feel happy. Exercise can also improve your mood by being something that you know you should do. Also, it will help you lose weight, and this can make you happier too. Exercise is essential to helping you get more enjoyment in life. Your body will be working more efficiently, and you will feel less pain and have a boosted immune system. There are so many benefits to exercise that you reality should start a regime today.


Minimalism is the name given to a way of life that champions purging all things in your life that no longer hold value and prevent you from living in the moment. Although it may be impossible to remove everything, you can give it a good try. One of the more practical names for this is decluttering. You are decluttering your life of all the rubbish that fills it and holds you back. Perhaps the easiest way to start this new way of being is to declutter your living spaces. Our homes are jam-packed full of junk that, for some reason, we cannot let go of. Some people, hoarders, for example, have a real physiological problem getting rid of clutter. They become emotionally attached to everything, and removing these things causes pain. If this is you, then it may be an idea to seek professional help to get rid of the clutter. You need to break the attachment to the past and learn to focus on the now. Other types of clutter include toxic friends, habits, activities, etc., that you do that no longer is of value. Once you have a life that is empty of rubbish, you are freer and can focus on what really matters. You can begin to fill it with things that are worthwhile. Perhaps a hobby or spending more time with family. The important things.   


Becoming more mindful is essential to getting more pleasure out of life. It is about evolving the mind space to generate more positive thoughts and emotions and letting go of the negative. It is a way to be more present in the moment, the moment in which we live. We do not live in the past or the future, we are in the now. One of the main techniques used to help you do this is meditation. Meditation is about developing the mental capacity to detach from your thoughts. You do not fight them, but you do not attach to them. You do not give them power over you. If you are interested in learning how to meditate, it can be quite simple. You need a nice quiet, peaceful place first of all. Then you need to close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. When thoughts emerge, don’t attach to them. Just breathe them out. Once you have finished your practice, you should feel a lot less stressed, you may have a new perspective, and you will become more aware. 

Do More Activities

Life is about experiences. If you want more pleasure and enjoyment in life, then you need to have more experience. There is such a wide choice of things to do. Sometimes, this choice can be a little overwhelming. But if you can first look inwardly and think about the things you would like to do, then focus on them, it will be far easier. Say you are someone who enjoys art. Then find museums to go to or join an art class. Turning something you enjoy into a hobby and pleasure is a great idea. If you are someone who is active and loves getting out and about, then find more ways of doing this. Find groups to join and go on things like Magellan bike tours. The more activities you can do, the better. Getting out and about and using your time for the things you love is essential. It helios you live more in the present, it can make you fitter and healthier, and it can widen your social circle with like-minded people. 

Indulge a Little

Our indulgences are our pleasures. It is important to indulge a little. This tells you that life has pleasures and enjoyment even when you are busy and stressed. Indulgences come in many forms. A secret chocolate cake once the kids have gone t bed, a hot bath with essential oils, and a glass a wine, buying that beautiful new lipstick. It doesn’t matter what our preferred indulgence is as long as we treat ourselves with it every now and again. And we have to learn to savor it and enjoy the moment. 


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