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For anyone that knows me, or has even seen me in person or just on Instagram, you will know that my Apple Watch is rarely off my wrist. In fact, it only ever comes off for charging of a night time when I’m in bed meaning it’s one of my most worn items by far! If you’ve got super observation skills, you may even notice that my watch strap often changes with what I wear; yes, I am that person that owns enough watch straps so I can colour/theme coordinate.

This is where Fitstraps UK swung in with their rather wonderful selection of watch straps and wristbands for a wide variety of digital/smart watchers. Each of the listed wristbands and smartwatch straps have been specially designed to fit each specific watch so you know they’re going to fit it just perfectly. Fitstraps UK make sure all of their products are made with the same high quality materials as the original bands provided.

I opted to try out a few different styles for different occasions; one great example being the stunning Space Style Scrunchie Apple Watch Strap in the first image. This scunchie style slips over your wrist in the same way you would, well a scrunchie or hair tie making them super comfortable. I wear this style when I am commuting to work or working from home for two main reasons; it’s very unlikely that this style strap will allow my watch to slide over my hand and be lost on the depths of London Transport which would absolutely devastate me! And secondly, with the lack of fastener or buckle, they’re so comfortable if you do a lot of typing whilst at work.

This scruchie style is also great for working out with as the material is so very soft and doesn’t become irritating if you do get warm.

The other style that I wear a lot of is the silicone Apple Watch strap that is a similar vibe to the one your Apple Watch will have originally come with. They’re soft, durable and come in such a wide range of prints now that there’s no stopping me when it come to ordering them! As you can see from above, I paired the Black/Grey Flowers Pattern Apple Watch Strap with my favourite ever William Morris shirt for the cute floral vibe and if you scroll up a little more, I paired the Colourful Skulls Pattern Apple Watch Strap with my Joanie Ali Space Print Blouse to pack in as much colour as I possible could! In fact, when I was wearing the later combo when out having coffee I got a lovely compliment on the colours I was wearing!

I’ve also picked up a Silver Metal Apple Watch Strap for when I plan on dressing up a little so it brings my watch from daytime to a more evening time vibe. I recon this one will get it’s first outing at our House Warming Party so I look super fancy and like a true home owner should!

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