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9 Expert Tips To Make Your Room Look Bigger *

*Collaborative post.

Small rooms can be difficult to work with but they don’t have to be impossible. When you know how, it is possible to turn a small room into a spacious haven. It’s important to make the most of the space you have and be proud of what you create.

If you’re having difficulty working with a small room, here are a few tips that could ignite your imagination.

Neutral Colours

Using light neutral colours is the best way to use your walls to open up the space. Using dark or bright colours can make the space look smaller, especially if you don’t have much natural light flowing through the room. Go for colours like white, cream, grey, or light blue.

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t make a statement in the room. If you want to add a splash of personality, use your artwork or accessories.


Mirrors are one of the best ways to create the illusion that the room is bigger than it is. In addition to reflecting natural light, mirrors will also reflect the room and give the perception of more room. You can hang mirrors at different heights for reflections at different levels.

You can also add mirrored accessories around the room for greater effect. Whether it’s mirrored side tables, mirrored coffee tables, mirrored picture frames, or many more, it all makes a big difference.

Statement Rugs

You don’t have to remove rugs from small spaces to make the room look bigger. However, it is important you choose a statement rug instead of a plain rug. There’s a selection of fantastic statement rugs at Rugstore NE

A plain rug will always look like it’s taking up floor space but a statement rug has a purpose. It creates a focal point in the room and the eye is immediately drawn to it. It’s the centrepiece for the room’s design and gives you an excellent starting position for decor. Once the eye has seen the centrepiece, it moves on to the rest of the room so unlike a plain rug, it won’t take all of your attention.

Smaller Furniture

The type of furniture you purchase should always depend on the space you have to work with. One rule to always consider for purchasing furniture for small rooms is there must be a gap of space. If your furniture is touching the walls or other pieces of furniture, it looks like it’s too big for the room.

Be sure to leave a walking gap between all pieces of furniture. This could mean buying lower furniture or three-quarter furniture which can be more expensive because it’s sought after furniture for small apartments but it’s an investment in your home.

Go Minimalistic

The last thing you want to do is clutter a small space. If you’re struggling for space in any room, you don’t want to overload it with accessories, books, and everything in between. For your small room, think minimalistic design.

Keep large gaps on your bookshelves, limit your coffee table to one ornament, stick to one plant. The less space you take up, the more spacious it’s going to look. There are tons of storage options you can use to hide away items that don’t need to be in sight.

Feature Your Ceiling

Many people don’t think of their ceiling as a focal point but it can change the whole perspective of the room. If you like to make a statement with your decor, your ceiling is an excellent option for being expressive at home.

Whether you add your own artwork, paint it a colour of your choosing, or pick a wallpaper that stands out, give yourself creative licence. When a visitor walks in, their attention will be immediately drawn to the ceiling which will help to change their perception of the size of the room.

Use Lighting

Lighting can be useful in small spaces, especially when you haven’t got much natural light. Make the most of your natural light by avoiding bulky curtains or blinds. Use your natural light to pinpoint the areas in the room without light.

Use lamps in the darkest areas of the room but be sure to use warm lighting instead of bright light. Tall lamps will give the best lighting over the whole room when the room is dark.

Light Flooring

In small rooms, light flooring can make a huge difference. It doesn’t matter whether you opt for wood, carpet, or tile but the colour you choose can open your space up significantly. Opting for white, cream, or light grey can make your room look much bigger.

If you have furniture that doesn’t touch the floor, this is even more important. The more visible your floor space, the better. If the majority of your light floor is visible, the room will look much bigger.

Link To Other Rooms

If your space is a communal room, you could try and link it to a bigger room. This could mean widening the door space or knocking down a wall. You don’t necessarily have to turn two rooms into one big room; you could just create a natural flow between two rooms that makes the smallest appear larger.

This will also mean your decor will need to link in both rooms. Having completely opposite designs in both rooms will only work to separate the two rooms even further. Let your smallest room be a continuation of the design in the biggest room.

Making the right choices for a small room is never easy and it could take some trial and error before you get it right but if you follow these guidelines, you’re sure to create a space that you can feel at home in.

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