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Creative Ways To Get Your Kids Excited About Nature *


In a world where screens are increasingly taking centre stage in our children’s lives, to detrimental effect, sparking a love for nature in our offspring might seem like a daunting task. However, with a sprinkle of creativity and a dash of adventure, parents can easily ignite their children’s curiosity about the natural world. 

From tiny critters to towering trees, here are some fun and imaginative ways to get kids excited about nature while nurturing their sense of wonder.

Nature Scavenger Hunts

Turn a walk in the park into an exciting treasure hunt by creating a list of items for kids to find in nature. Whether it’s a unique leaf, a smooth pebble, or a feather, the thrill of discovery will have them exploring with enthusiasm.

Miniature Nature Art 

There are a number of ‘environmental artists’ out there creating unique and poignant artworks inspired by and using nature itself. 

Encourage artistic expression in your own offspring by challenging kids to create their own miniature art installations using materials found in nature. Pinecone creatures, rock sculptures, and flower petal designs let them transform natural treasures into imaginative masterpieces.

Storytelling Adventures

Craft captivating stories that unfold in nature’s embrace. Take kids on a magical journey where trees come to life, animals have secret societies, and streams whisper ancient tales. Let their imagination run wild as they explore nature through the lens of their own stories.

Outdoor Picnics And Tea Parties 

Combine nature and food by organising outdoor picnics or tea parties. Kids can help prepare simple snacks, and while enjoying their treats amid the trees, they’ll build positive associations with the great outdoors.

Nature-Baed School Camps

Speaking of adventures in nature, primary school camps like the ones run by PGL Adventure Camps serve as the perfect launchpad for nurturing a fascination with the outdoors. Incorporating fun challenges and activities, primary school camps infuse the joy of exploration into learning and ignite a love for nature that children carry with them long after the campfires have faded.

Nature Photography

Equip your kids with cameras (or even those pesky smartphones, if they really can’t bear to be parted from them for too long) and encourage them to capture the beauty they find in nature. This activity not only promotes observation skills but also gives them a tangible collection of memories to cherish.

Cloud-spotting And Stargazing

Lie on a blanket and look up at the sky, spotting strange and wondrous shapes in the clouds during the day and learning the constellations by night. This kind of meditative, observant activity fosters a connection with the sky’s ever-changing wonders – and it can be a great stress-reliever into the bargain, not to mention plenty of fun!

Outdoor Storytime 

Choose a captivating nature-themed book and bring it to life by reading it outdoors. Whether under a tree, in a sunny park, or by a pond, this activity combines the joy of reading with the serenity of nature.

Garden Adventures

If you have a garden, involve your kids in planting their own flowers, herbs, or vegetables. As they watch their creations grow, they’ll learn about the natural world’s delicate balance and the magic of growth.

Final Thoughts

By engaging children in creative and enjoyable nature-centric activities at home and through the magic of primary school camps, parents can cultivate a profound connection to the natural world in the hearts of their children. 

Through laughter, curiosity, and the thrill of discovery, your kids can embark on a journey that enriches their lives and fosters a lifelong appreciation for the wonders of nature.


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