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What to Wear on an Autumnal Dog Walk *

*Contains gifted items

Now the weather has turned and we are spending so much more time outside with Chippi, we’ve all had to up our layers! Being outdoors has always been something we’ve loved doing, but making memories with our new puppy outdoors has really made those moments even more special.

Whether it’s just a quick walk around the block, where a 20-minute walk can take us double the time as we have to keep stopping to let Chippi have meet and greets with every person and dog we walk past, or a slightly longer stroll around our local country park we have to be ready for all eventualities, so what do we wear on a dog walk…


🧥 * One of the most important parts of any outdoor outfit, for me, is the top layer. It’s got to be waterproof and warm just for starters! I opted for the Eva coat in burnt orange from Lighthouse as it’s waterproof up to 3,000mm, breathable to 3,000gsm, windproof, and has 60g of insulated padding with a detachable hood. To top it all off, it’s machine washable which I’ve found to be pretty rare with waterproof coats and for someone as clumsy as I am, this is great news! I know, I’m in as much shock as you are that I’ve upgraded my famous yellow Barbour raincoat but I needed something a little warmer in these horrid winds we’ve been having!
👖 My go-to uniform is always black skinny jeans and my favourites are Levi 311 Shaping Skinny Jeans, but I only buy them from the outlets in America as the price difference is unreal if I buy them here! So, in the gap between stocking up on those, I go for Jenna from New Look or the petite high-waisted skinny jeans from Bershka on ASOS. As the weather gets wetter, I also fully vouch for the wonderful water-resistant jeans from Acai; I have both the * Thermal Skinny Outdoor Trousers and the * MAX Stretch Skinny Outdoor Trousers and they’re perfect for keeping dry!
🥾 Having feet as little as mine, it can be tough to find a good pair of walking boots that are comfy and practical! After my trusty Gelert Horizon walking boots gave up after years of wear, I couldn’t resist a pair of Hunter Insulated Hiker Boots in Olive that I spied on a friend’s blog a while back! I’ve had my Hunter wellies for over 10 years now, so hoping these stand the test of time too.
🎒 I can be a total sucker for an Instagram ad and I fell fully into one for a Cocopup Dog Walking Bag! It’s such a handy purchase with a treat pouch on the strap for easy access as we like to reward Chippi when she’s walking well, a discreet poop bag dispenser on the side of the bag so I don’t have to have one on the lead, and to top it off it’s water-resistant and wipe proof.


🧥 * Mike had spent ages looking for a waterproof coat and couldn’t find something he was happy with until I remembered that the coat he got from Tog24 back in January 2020 was, in fact, waterproof and had been hanging in his wardrobe the whole time! The coat is the 3-in-1 Denton which means it’s perfect for layering as you can wear it, shockingly, 3 different ways; the outer waterproof layer on its own, the inner quilted jacket on its own or it all zips together for one warmer coat! Perfect for our ever-changing weather!
👖 Being someone who buys staple items, Mike is more about investment pieces than buying fast fashion and to make it a little easier on the wallet, he often scours TK Maxx for a gem or two. That’s exactly where he picked up these Selected Homme trousers from. They’re the 175 Slim Fit Chinos.
🥾 These Karrimor Hot Rock walking boots were a lockdown purchase that have proven themselves after a good few hikes around Shropshire. They come up around the ankle, with extra padding, and are waterproof which means they tick every box.


🧥 We couldn’t let our little pup get soggy when it rains, could we?! We actually picked up this super cute Joules Rosewood puppy pac-a-mac from a store in our high street reduced down to £6 before we even picked Chippi up! It’s a little large for her still, but as the fasteners are velcro it means she can get away with wearing it now too!

What are your go-to outdoor wear brands?

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