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Simple Yet Effective Pet-Proofing Tips for New Pet Owners *


If you’re thinking of adopting a pet in the future, then one of the things you’ll have to get used to is pet-proofing your home. This is because cats, dogs, and other kinds of pets can cause a lot of damage to themselves and your home if you’re not prepared. From jumping on shelves to scratching furniture, it’s a good idea to be prepared with a pet-proof home before you decide to bring home another member of the family.

While it can seem daunting at first, we’ve got a couple of pet-proofing tips that will make things a whole lot easier for you.

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Untangling electrical cords and keeping them away

You should also think about untangling any electrical cords that you have lying around. Some common areas include behind the television or near your computer. Pets can easily get tangled in a mess of cables, and there’s a chance they might chew on them as well which can be especially dangerous due to the electricity.

Make sure you put away anything hazardous

It’s important that you put away any hazardous materials that could be dangerous to your pets. This article from will give you a good idea of what is poison to your pets and should be kept safely hidden away in a cupboard, or at least be completely out of reach for your pets. Some common household food items like chocolate, grapes, and salt can be extremely toxic and thus dangerous to many different pets. It’s vital that you get to know your pet so that you can avoid these kinds of situations.

Don’t forget your car

Eventually, you’ll probably want to take your pet out for an adventure, and this means putting them in your car. However, if you don’t pet-proof your vehicle, you might have a bad day. You’ll want to check out products like to prevent your pets from scratching things up, and it’ll also help to keep them safe inside of your car, so there’s minimal risk of them doing some dangerous when the car is in motion.

Prevent your pets from chewing furniture

There are two common options to prevent your pets from chewing on furniture. First, you can select pet-friendly fabrics for furniture. These are more resistant to scratching than regular furniture and are often much easier to clean and maintain. Alternatively, you can encourage your pets to stop chewing on your furniture by getting safe chew toys instead.

Control where your pets can and can’t go

One of the more interesting ways to control your pet and make sure that they’re not wandering around is to install pet gates. These can block off certain areas of your home so that your pets can’t enter dangerous areas. Being a pet owner often means making hard decisions regarding your pet’s well-being, and in this case, preventing them from going to certain areas of the house can be safer for them.


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