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The Decades That Defined Me *


As a proud late ’80s baby, if there’s one thing that’s shaped my journey, it’s been the rollercoaster ride through the ’90s, ’00s, and ’10s. Those were the years of growth, self-discovery, and shaping the person I am today.

Ah, the ’90s – a time of bold fashion statements and epic music. Picture me rocking a Kangol flat cap, turned backward a la Samuel L. Jackson, paired with a long white shirt, waistcoat, and Caterpillar boots. There were some incredible bands including the Spice Girls (yes, I have Spice on vinyl), 5ive, and, obviously, some total cult classic films like Jurassic Park and The Nightmare Before Christmas. Thinking about it all now, I’m getting flashbacks to Dairylea Lunchables in my packed lunch, sparkly Pringle cases and Funky Chic pencil cases. Us Millennials look back so fondly on the 90s, when times were a lot simpler!

The oo’s bought us the first series of Big Brother, opening our eyes to reality TV which a lot of us now can’t live without! It also bought plenty of velour tracksuits, those flared trousers with skirts over the top (which seem to making a comeback!!) and huge baggy jeans to my wardrobe. This was a time where I was wondering where I fitted in, what music did I like, and how I wanted to dress. I made some bold choices of wearing a lot of Burberry print, Schot jackets and TN trainers, but I eventually realised that fitting in wasn’t for me. I blossomed into this little alternative kid, with coloured hair, amazing taste in music (thanks to Dad introducing me to Blink 182!) and to be fair, I’ve never looked back; I’m still a little alternative kid (at heart) with better coloured hair and even better music taste than back then!

From 2010 to 2020, there was still a lot of learning about myself happening; I went to uni which has defined my career, I began dating and learnt what I was looking for in a life partner when I met Mike, I spent so many amazing hours with family and friends, who I couldn’t live without. My music taste didn’t really change much in this decade, I still listened (and still do) to early 2000’s pop punk and I still lived my best alternative life with summers filled with festivals.

As we’ve kicked off into the 2020’s, these have really become, what I’d say are, my most proud years of my life; I’ve got an incredible fiance, we’re building and converting a 1920’s bungalow into a forever home for ourselves and our wonderful puppy in an area we never thought we could afford but after years of hard work, we made it, I’ve gone back to being a freelancer and I’ll also become a wife. It’s not been an easy ride to get here, but I’m sure when I look back later in my life, this decade will be a hugely defining one.

Reflecting on it all, the early 2000s have shaped me more than I ever imagined. I enjoyed reading Chum’s article on the decades that define our generation as it got me reminiscing and looking back on what has defined me. What era best defines you?

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