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The most sought-after spa towns in Europe *


Spa towns boast a unique and compelling appeal. While most carry a significant historical background, many of these charming and architecturally inspiring sites have been adapted for modern-day tourists too.  

With some spa towns even listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites, it’s hardly surprising that local authorities preserve and promote natural spa towns – and their facilities.  

So, whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or you’re on the lookout for your next hometown, we’ve listed four of the most inviting spa towns for relaxation, wellness, and therapeutic treatments.  

Baden-Baden, Germany 

With a sterling reputation, Baden-Baden is perhaps the most luxurious towns on our list. Its natural spring waters were discovered by the Roman emperor Caracalla some 2,000 years ago, and since then, it’s transformed into one of Europe’s premier destinations. 

Set in the alluring Black Forest of Germany, Baden-Baden beckons VIPs and celebrities from around the world. Its natural thermal baths are set in impressive, ornate buildings like the Friedrichsbad, a neo-Renaissance gem. And away from the warm, relaxing waters, there are casinos, clubs, and top-class restaurants too.  

 Bath, England 

There are few towns in England offering natural mineral baths, but the ones you’ll discover in Bath are thought to date back to 863 BC. These were used for centuries, but now the beautifully preserved Roman baths are just to admire. The contemporary Thermae Bath Spa uses the same traditions and natural mineral waters as the Romans.  

For professionals, Bath is an exemplary business hub with an easy retreat to a slower pace of life at home. Modern spa facilities encapsulate the laid-back experience in this ancient city, while new homes in Bath bring new opportunities, too. Whether you’re just visiting or relocating, Bath is certainly worth a thought.  

 Vichy, France 

For those seeking unmatched vitality and health, the seaside town of Vichy is a perfect fit. This rural destination boasts thermal waters, with pools of hot and cold natural springs that originate from the nearby dormant Auvergne volcanoes. 

Vichy once served as a spa retreat for the elite, with European royalty covering miles to cleanse and pursue wellness. The name itself has become almost emblematic for superior and attentive self-care. Away from the waters, the city is nothing short of picturesque, featuring art deco buildings and the quaint Opera House too.  

 Sirmione, Italy 

On the shores of Lake Garda, this dreamlike destination boasts a characterful medieval feel. With its unique position on a private peninsula, the thermal baths here offer everything you need to truly revitalise and disconnect from your daily routine. 

If you’re thinking of moving to this part of Italy – perhaps in a town on the shoreline, or a nearby city like Verona – you’ll be spoilt for choice. With beautiful scenery and impressive historical sites all around, Lake Garda promises natural delicacies beyond imagination.  

 Soak it all in 

Ready to embark on your next life adventure? Choosing a spa town promises peace and serenity, taking a few steps away from the hustle and bustle of urban life. Relax, reset, and let your mind disconnect in one of these wonderful destinations. 


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