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5 Things People Forget After Buying A Property *

*Collaboration After finding the best deals when moving house, homeowners must prepare to transfer their life from one so to another. Whether it’s your first home where you will raise your family or you’ve downsized after the kids have moved out, there are some things you might forget. This isn’t a surprise with so much happening, so these tips can help you make your move…

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Taking Your Dog For A Walk For The First Time: What You’ll Need *

*Collaboration Bringing a new dog home is a joyous and exciting occasion filled with new beginnings. One of those beginnings is the ritual of walking your dog, a bonding experience that is beneficial for both you and your pet. But when you’re about to embark on this journey for the first time, you might be left wondering, “What exactly will I need?” Don’t worry, we’ve…

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Creating a Better Living Environment for Your Pet: 6 Unmissable Strategies *

*Collaboration Whether you are a new pet parent, or you have been welcoming furry friends into your family for decades, you know that caring for a cat or a dog is both rewarding and challenging. While a pet can offer companionship and love, as an owner, you’ll have some essential responsibilities that you should be aware of. And, these responsibilities include creating a living environment…

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The Art of Slow Living: Rediscovering Life’s Simple Pleasures *

*Collaboration Living a fast-paced life can often leave us feeling disconnected from nature and the simple pleasures of life. In the midst of this frenetic world, there emerges a modern solution, an approach to life that encourages a slower, more mindful pace: slow living. It’s about embracing the here and now, reconnecting with our environment and ultimately, leading a more fulfilling life. One of the…

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Selling a Property in London: A Brief Overview *

*Collaboration London is obviously a thriving metropolis, and as such, property there is in high demand, which can be a double-edged sword – it means that you can get the best possible price for your property, but other properties often get snapped up super quickly, which can make it difficult to find a new home to move in to. Selling a house can be stressful…

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24hrs in Rye; An Itinerary *

*Contains gifted items After spending 24hrs in Hastings, we headed a 20 minute drive away to spend 24hrs in Rye. Rye had been on my bucket list for quite some time as it’s so historical and I really wanted to stay in a certain well known hotel there! Where to Stay The Mermaid Inn Rebuilt in 1420, The Mermaid Inn has been visited by Queen…

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Travelogue: A Day In Paris, From Croissants To Cinderella’s Castle *

*Collaboration When you find yourself in the City of Love, starting the day with an authentic French breakfast is an absolute must. There’s nothing quite like heading to the local patisserie just as they pull croissants out of the oven. You’re hit with that amazing smell of fresh pastries and strong coffee – it’s pure Paris. Tucking into a flaky croissant and sipping on a…

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24hrs in Hastings; An Itinerary *

*Contains gifted items Recently, Mike said to me that he fancied a few days away and he didn’t really mind where, so with me being me, I had a list of places all ready to go that were a short drive from London as to not eat into our time away. When I suggest we do a night in Hastings followed by a night in…

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