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Iconic Sunglasses and Their Owners *

When it comes to sunglasses, I feel they’ve always been a statement. I know for me, as soon as I got my eyes lasered I was eager to get a pair of statement sunglasses. I loved wearing glasses but they often hindered things I wanted to do, like running, I couldn’t see without them so laser was the best option, so the obvious move for me was a fantastic pair of sunglasses to fill the void!

I thought long and hard about the style I wanted; big, bold and very me. I knew this might be a little tough as very me might not be easily obtainable. But then I had another little think and realised that so many people are linked to a style and that I wanted something like that, so my research began with Focus Clinic‘s pretty handy list!

I knew that my look would be a cross of Joanna Lumley, Victoria Beckham and Audrey Hepburn; bold, big frames and tinted glass. Plus I’d like to think that they’re pretty classy looking to, something I’d love to channel!

Can we just take a minute to take in that Johnny Bravo has finally been recognised for being a total babe in his sunglasses?!

I spent hour after hour wandering around stores local to me to find the perfect pair. I wish I had a pound for every pair I tried on as the glasses would have paid for themselves! High street brand, after designer brand after one another on loop. Who knew there were so many brands that sold great glasses; I’d missed out on so many brilliant pairs over the years of wearing my normal glasses and buying cheap prescription sunglasses.

After much deliberation I ended up with a pair I fell head over feet for from Mui Mui. These weren’t a brand I’d heard of before but didn’t care, they were perfect! Just look at them, they’re so cool with their cut off bottom.

Since then I’ve gained a few, cheaper, fun pairs that I like to wear with certain outfits.

Ones that aren’t quite everyday glasses, but I still felt I needed to make up for lost time!

Maybe one day I’ll make it onto a list of iconic sunglasses wearers, but until then I’m gonna keep strutting my stuff in my fabulous lenses.

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