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When it comes to fitness classes, I will give anything a go… once! So when the newly refurbished Fitness First on Fenchurch Street invited me down to a spinning class, I thought, why not! I hadn’t been to a spin class since about 2010 and back then I only did the one so I was long due a visit to this type of class.

The gym itself was a really clean, fresh and totally what I have come to expect from a branch of Fitness First. We were there on a weeknight at the prime time of 19:00 and it wasn’t too busy at all, which is a plus for a gym in the centre of London Town!

We were taken down to the spinning classroom and I was so glad to see it was one of those posh ones with lights and a sound system! When I had my lone spinning class before it was in a school sports hall with a small ‘boombox’ in the corner so this state of the art room, for me, was such a novelty!

There were 8 of us fitness fueled ladies in total so we hopped on our bikes and got going.

And when I say got going, I mean full blown sweaty mess, got going! We did a 20-minute class to just get the feel of it and that was plenty enough for me!

Just look at the fringe action…

That goes to show how much hard work I was putting in!

Some of the girls said they were unsure of the way the instructor didn’t use the music but I was far too in the zone to even notice that was going on plus with my limited knowledge of spinning I don’t think I’d know what to expect otherwise.

We then headed out onto the gym floor to take on a HIIT workout which is one of my favourite kind of workouts. Mike and I used to do our workouts in the park during summer as it’s so easy to do, quick for busy nights and quite fun when not on your own!

The following photos are legit leaving me xcreasing up so I thought I’d share with you, my super attractive workout.To start with myself and

To start with myself and Elle had a nice run…

Followed by some burpees and bear crawls…

Then onto some box jumps and sit ups…

Not a bad workout at all! And the stretch out after was just what I needed, although I don’t look too happy about it here!

Some of you may remember the open letter I wrote to the man that shamed me in my gym kit; this was the event I was off to. And you’ve all seen the outfit I wore now, I may not be the definition of a fitness buff but I don’t think I look too bad! At least I’m out there trying!!

But before I get all sentimental about my thighs in leggings and start waffling, I want to thank Fitness First for a great event. I may a few more years before heading back to a spinning class again though; I’m certainly not fit enough for that!

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  1. Lauren says:

    This looks like a great gym! Very professional looking. I hate spin classes though, reminds me too much of the disastrous classes I took part in back in school ha. But it looks like you had a fun time. And I can’t believe somebody shamed you, that’s horrible! People can be so rude!

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