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Why you should have Boho Travels on your Radar *

As you will have seen, I have recently visited Karlovy Vary for a stay at Hotel President in partnership with Boho Travels. For those of you that haven’t heard of Boho Travels, they are a travel company which specialise in creating packages in natural medical treatments and medical spas. Most of their retreats are based between Prague and Karlovy Vary, where we stayed. The spa breaks they offer focus not just on your wellness, but on your health, eating habits and fitness too. When I say packages I don’t mean the type you pop down to your local travel agents to book, these packages are tailored to your specific needs.

And now I’m here to break down what they do and why you should be interested in them…

Medical Spa Treatments

If you sign up for the medical spa treatment packages then Boho Travels will assist you in finding the best spa resort suitable for the medical and health care that you’re looking for. They have many professional spa hotels and resorts that they work with that provide the best care and are wiling to create tailor-made programmes that Boho Travels specialise in.

When you embark on a trip that incorporates a medical aspect then an initial check-up on your arrival is necessary to be able to create the best medical plan for you. Once this has been done, your assigned doctor will create your package including 17 treatments per week prescribed by a medical specialist, diagnosis of your immune system, a measurement of antioxidants in your blood and care of professional physiotherapists and masseurs throughout your stay. They will advise on where to find the mineral water spring in town that will help improve your health too. Bookings start from one week but after careful testing, the best results are usually achieved after three-weeks.

Wellness Spa Programs

If you’re not looking for medical advice, then Boho Travels can still help you find the best package so you can make the most out of your relaxing trip. All of Boho Travels clients can fully expect to receive the highest quality of spa care, the best wellness programs following the most modern trends with a wide range of other services available should they be requested.

Boho Angels

If you are looking for a great way to help aid weight loss then the Boho Angels program could be just what you’re looking for! It is partnered with the medical spa program but incorporates extras in the shape of yoga, barre ballet workouts, pilates, Nordic jogging, aqua workouts, and Tabata. The procedures you receive are more geared to help your body stimulate weight loss including the use of a Scotch Douche, cupping, lymphatic drainage and anti-cellulite massages. But don’t worry, not all of your trip would be spent exercising, you will get plenty of time to be treated to a mud wrap, floating and a few beauty procedures too! You will also be advised on your eating plan too.

Anti-Ageing Stem Cell Treatments

Boho Travels also cooperates closely with Czech scientists who research and implement state of the art stem cells innovations that are really leading the way in anti-ageing. The stem cell treatment helps to significantly smooth out your wrinkles and regenerates the skin on your face, hands and neck. Biotechnology and clinical studies run by leading scientists from the Czech Republic have shown that stem cell therapy really does work and has been proven to show a significant rejuvenation effect on the skin. You are also able to freeze some of your skin cells to be able to have more than one treatment at a later date.

The stem cell anti-ageing programme is 100% natural and Boho Travels also offer 100% natural facial rejuvenation using your own fat as filling making this a safer option than having chemicals pumped into your skin.

Have you heard of Boho Travels before?

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  1. I am really intrigued by the floating after you said how much you enjoyed it.

  2. Lizi Legge says:

    I had never heard of spa treatments like these until I read your post but I’m definitely going to look into it! Sounds like my kind of holiday. Lizi xx

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