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Christmas Shopping for Someone who has Everything *

We’re just a day away from Christmas Day now, but have you found yourself going around in a circle trying to find that ideal present for someone who appears to have everything they need already? If so, join us as we advise you on seven quirky gift ideas that will perfectly suit such a situation…

Floatation Tank Therapy

Don’t think that this is just an expensive bath. This relaxation chamber is full of Epsom salts which are renowned for their health and beauty benefits. So, why not present the gift of stress relief this Christmas, thanks to this pod’s magnesium content. The soothing music that plays for the hour-long session allows the recipient to drift into a near-meditative state of calmness which washes all the negativity away.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

We’re not advising you to send someone up into the air in a gas cylinder-powered mode of transport while it’s chilly during the middle of winter. But, this is a gift that can be redeemed later on in the year and is likely to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience to tick off the bucket list. While it could be a bit pricy, there are deals to get yourself up in the air for close to £100, with take-off spots all around the UK. To make it that extra bit special, why not book a trip to watch the sunrise?

Karaoke Kit

No someone who likes to sing from time to time? Then look no further than a Lucky Voice karaoke kit for their perfect Christmas gift. From £60, your lucky recipient can sing to their heart’s content with thousands of tracks available. It’s a great gift to be able to pull out when you are entertaining. See who would be the next X Factor winner, and who Simon Cowell would throw his straight-to-the-point put downs towards.

Name a Star

Only have a little bit of money left to spend this Christmas? Not to worry, as you can purchase a truly stellar gift for just £10. With a ‘name a star’ present, you’ll be able to choose a name to be registered in the Intergalactic Star Database which will then have a unique number solely for the recipient. It’s a gift that is out of this world – literally!

Survival Weekend

Without a doubt, this is a day out like no other. Do you know someone who watches survival programmes and says that they are well equipped to take part? Do they watch Bear Grylls’ The Island and consider applying? If so, send them on a weekend’s survival course first and see how they fare. Let them battle the conditions and fend for themselves in the wilderness. They will learn new survival skills and really test their mettle. 

Sweet Tree

Definitely the choice from this list for anyone with a sweet tooth. For approximately £24, you can purchase a personalised Haribo tree! With a chocolate stalk and an abundance of the sweet manufacturer’s finest jellies, this 25cm tree is entirely edible. It could be the perfect accompaniment for the recipient to take to work to save them venturing to the vending machine.

Track Day

Anyone who loves motorsport will no doubt have dreamt of taking to the track behind the wheel of their favourite car — you can help make their dreams a reality. There are many track day experiences available up and down the country with a selection of motors available to quench even the biggest thrill seekers’ thirst for excitement. Rev their engines as they sit behind the wheel of some of the finest automobiles known to man.

Christmas is sorted! Just remember that Christmas is a time for giving, so spend every moment you can with your loved ones and enjoy the festive period!

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