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Four Reasons to Stay at Hotel Prezident, Karlovy Vary *

I have done a fair few spa stays in my time, but none of them quite prepared me for my press trip to Karlovy Vary to stay at the very lush Hotel President. I’d always just stayed at a spa, had a meal and a massage then left, but this isn’t what Hotel Prezident is about. Hotel Prezident was created with a single goal in mind and that was to utilise the rich experience and unique knowledge of its founder Milada Sárová to create a wellbeing and effective spa treatment package to suit all clients. Milada recognises the proven healing power of the Karlovy Vary mineral waters as the most natural way of healing many illnesses and ailments so the spa is not only about wellness, it as a very interesting medical side too.

Range of Treatments

The is such a huge range of treatments available at Hotel Prezident, and the basis of most of these spa treatments is individually prescribed drinking cure of mineral springs plus using the latest methods for diagnostics of the immune system with measuring of antioxidant or oxygen levels in the blood and extensive blood tests to accurately determine the health state and needs of each patient; a personalised treatment plan is created just for you. On average, if you’ve taken out the full three week package that is recommended you will receive 17 spa treatments per week and up to four to six additional active health treatments per week.

But if you are looking for a more traditional wellness break then are more than welcome to do that too! It’s what we got up to whilst we were there. There is a vast array of non-medical treatments, a 15 metre swimming pool,  sauna and steam rooms, experience showers, and a plunge pool. Along with a fitness center with professional Kettler equipment, including virtual cycling simulator.

As you can see from above we took part in an hours worth of floating which is a hot salty pool with the salinity of the Dead Sea will give peace and harmony of weightlessness to your body, mind, and soul. When I first got in, I was really unsure about how I felt as it was unlike anything I had ever done before but after around 10 minutes I was so relaxed that I did wake myself up snoring! I don’t think I’ve ever felt so chilled, and even Mike admitted to switching off which is so rare for him. The hour went so quickly and I could have happily floated for a lot longer!

We also both had a Paraffin Hand Wrap which consists of dipping your hands a few times into a small tub of heated paraffin wax, your hands are then wrapped in plastic to seal in the heat which in turn is then wrapped in hot towels. The wax will trap the heat against your skin meaning it’s opening the pores and once the wax is completely cooled it will be peeled away, taking the dead skin cells along with it. My hands feel so good after this!

We also took part in oxygen therapy but I didn’t enjoy this at all as I’m funny about thing near my nose and I had quite a bad cold too! Don’t let this put you off though, the others on the trip really enjoyed it!

Incredible Food

Whether you’re at Hotel Prezident for a three-week package or just for a couple of nights like us, you will get to experience the amazing food that is served in the restaurant. As you can imagine the food is on the healthier side of things but I love being given the option to eat some veggies when I’m away as I don’t tend to.

The food at Hotel Prezident does aim to help clients experience and practice a healthy diet. The menu usually includes both international and local foods that are always produced fresh and in-house.

Each meal we had offered something including a choice of soups and main dishes, fresh fish, game, poultry, pork or beef all served to the highest quality in buffet style so I made sure I tried as much as I could. There is also a wide selection of fruits, vegetables, and salads available at every serving that I was very pleased to see and delve into. A small selection of homemade desserts and ice cream are also there for digging in to.

There wasn’t anything I tried that I didn’t enjoy, which is saying something as I did literally try everything. I’m not normally big into buffets but when the food is that good, I back it 100%! It actually made eating healthy quite fun!

Awesome Rooms

As part of our trip, we got a tour of the hotel and I can safely say, all the rooms we got to see were proper lush! I mean, just look at the bathroom below, in a room, you can stay in! All rooms include a large LCD TV with DVD-player, a Minibar, a Room safe, Free Wi-Fi (here and all over the hotel), bathrobe and slippers for each guest and an amazing medical mattress that was so comfy.

There’s mood lighting, plenty of space, super soft carpet, with a really fresh modern style that made us feel right at home. The value for money when staying in the lush rooms is really great too. Even the standard room we stayed in had all we needed and more. I’m a sucker for the smaller details and having a desk that opened up to a make up mirror and drawer won me over completely.

As mentioned the mattresses were really high quality too and we both had really good sleep during our stay. I’m not one for long lay ins but had we not had plans or breakfast to go down for I could have stayed in bed a hell of a lot longer!


All of the staff members we met were so helpful, friendly and there to lend a hand when you needed anything. We were always greeted when we came into the hotel after having wanders outside and we were always being checked on too! It was amazing just how on the ball the staff were in the dining area as used plates never hung around for long and I’m a fan of that.

We had such a good stay at Hotel Prezident and I’d highly recommend there as a place to stay should you want a wellness break, some medical attention or a really nice weekend away from all the stresses life throws at you.

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