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Where to find the Best Street Art in Brighton

We all know how fondly I talk of Brighton; there’s so much to do there and some wonderful places to stay, but that’s not all. I’m a huge fan of street art, I can often be found lurking in the streets of East London on the lookout for new pieces, but Brighton certainly does put East London to the test for the best art!

There’s a fine line between graffiti and street are, so this article focuses solely on street art. There’s plenty of places to find this awesome form of art and here are a few that I visited on my last trip to Brighton…

Prince Albert Pub

The Prince Albert Pub’s side is totally covered in a mural by local artist REQ. It’s a tribute to great musicians that are no longer with us, including Elvis, George Michael and Marc Bolan. The pub itself keeps the quirky exterior vibe up on the inside with bands playing all the time and Iberian food is also being served.

Banksy’s ‘Kissing Coppers’ was painted on the side of the Prince Albert pub back in 2004, but what a lot of people don’t know is that the original piece was removed in 2011 and sold at auction! What’s hidden behind the perspex frame is a replica.

Trafalgar Lane

Trafalgar Lane is somewhere I always stop by when in Brighton as the street are there is ever-changing. On our last visit, we were lucky enough to spot pieces by Mazcan who tends to take a more artistic approach to her street pieces, with beautifully crafted murals of women’s faces. She’s a favourite artist of mine. Does that one above remind you of a sun-kissed version of anyone… maybe!?

Regent Street

Some impressive larger murals can be found on Regent Street and these works can often be seen towards the southern end of the road on the corners of junctions with other streets and in alleys. I loved this Catbus salute to Studio Ghibli that I spotted along our stroll.

Kensington Street

Kensington Street is known as graffiti alley and is a good place to find murals such as the long-standing Saint Mural that you’ll need to look up to spot. I obviously couldn’t walk past this Elvis x Las Vegas paste-up by The Postman Art, look out for the Marilyn Monroe pastes-ups close by too.

Sadly the full-length dogs mural by local artist Sinna One is no longer on Kensington Street due to works going on.

GAK Brighton

This famous piece by Trusty Scribe is penned on the side of GAK and I’ve seen so many people sharing images if it on Instagram! You may also spot other pieces by Trusty Scribe around Brighton as he’s quite well known in the area.

Also keep your eyes peeled for the paste ups by Minty as they’re always really good and for the many of old BT phone wire boxes (you know the green ones that have a ton of wires in) the have been decorated by street artists too.

Where’s your favourite place to spot street art?

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