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Camping with Yelloh! *

When is comes to camping I’d like to think we’re seasoned professions, having camped at around 20 festivals between us and myself going on a camping trip to France with the family and friends when I was about 11 years old. So when Yelloh! Village asked me to share some camping tips I thought, “You’ve come to the right people!”

One thing that Mike swears by is duct tape; he has used it at Glastonbury the past four times he’s been and is always top of his camping list. I would always doubt him until this year I witnessed him fixing a strangers tent as no one else had any duct tape with them. There was a very smug face after that and I’d been proven wrong!


If you’re not on a well lit camp site, such as a festival then a head torch is a must as it stops you from tripping over guide ropes and getting ready for bed in a tent is far easier with one too.

Another thing Mike swears by are Travel Johns, they save you from having to get up in the night and make the trip over to the loos. I, personally, have never used one but a lot of people at festivals take them as they are so easy to use!

My last tip is to always take camping chairs; they may not be the most comfortable but your mind is soon changed about them after a long day out and about! You can even by fold up benches or tables and chairs if you will have the space.

So whilst we were writing up our tips we were looking on the Yelloh! Village website and they have some amazing places you can go camping…


In France, La Pomme de Pin really took my fancy, mainly due to the water slides and whirlpool bath. The fact that it’s only €39.00 per night in a cottage with your own bathroom got me thinking, why an earth do we spend so much money booking hotels and that this certainly beats camping in our tiny tent! I mean you can take your ten for under €20 a night but when a cottage is that cheap… why bother?!


I haven’t been to the Algarve in Portugal for years and after spending many summers there as a child it would be somewhere I’d love to return and share with Mike. I have the fondest memories of eating sardines from a BBQ near to the beach with the locals and I’d love to do this again so the Turiscampo would be the perfect base for this. With cottages suitable for two people at silly cheap money again, I won’t be booking a hotel for sure!

Would you camp abroad or rent a cottage on a resort like Yelloh?

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