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Unique Games and Attractions to Spice up Your Big Day *

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A wedding is a time for celebration, fun and a lot of emotions. That’s why people introduce all kinds of fun games and activities to help spice up the day and make it more fun, entertaining and memorable for people of all ages. So to help you add a bit more fun to your big day, we’ve put together a few ideas for unique games and attractions that are sure to be a hit.

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Try out some unique wedding traditions

There are a lot of fascinating and wonderful wedding traditions from all around the world that is the perfect accompaniment to a unique wedding. For instance, you could try a spin on the popular Chinese “Door Games” concept. It involves the bride and bridesmaids setting up a series of challenges for the groom and his best men to overcome in order to show their worth. This can include making a fool of themselves by dancing, chugging a nasty concoction of alcoholic beverages or even a test of strength. You could even try the classic German tradition of asking your guests to bring some old porcelain dishes to throw on the ground after the ceremony. The idea is that it helps to ward off evil spirits and it’s up to the bride and groom to clean it up!

Design your own cocktail to serve

Almost all wedding receptions serve drinks to their guests and one of the best ways to really add a bit of personalization to your big day is to create your own drink. Ask a mixologist for some advice or put a spin on a classic cocktail that you absolutely love. Accompany it with some custom-made cocktail glasses that you can give to your guests as gifts after the ceremony is over and name it something special to commemorate the event. Alternatively, if the venue already has a bar then you could coordinate with the bartender to make a special set of drinks that are designed for you and your partner and then serve them up to your guests as a unique wedding drink.

Throw in a photo booth

A photo booth is never a bad idea, especially if you’re trying to appeal to a younger audience that just loves to take fun and unique photos. Add in a couple of props managed by the photo booth company and you’ve got a fun and unique attraction that is sure to turn heads and get people involved. A photo booth is inexpensive to hire and the photos will become lasting memories that everyone looks back at in glee.

Make your wedding more casual

If you think a more casual wedding would suit you, why not go for it? In true modern fashion, breaking away from tradition and doing something unique to you is a great way to make a memorable wedding. While this is something that needs to be planned perhaps months in advance or when you first start putting together your wedding plans, it’s a great idea that can certainly open up some interesting options, especially if you’re known to friends and family as being a rebellious person.

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