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More Jason Biggs…

Yes I am now going to bore you with the official photographs from Tim Anderson.  Ignore my horrid fringe, I was too excited to worry about how bad it looked!! The group of friends I took with me including my boyfriend. I got given the complete American Pie DVD Collection. Cuddles from Jason. Stealing my phone and taking photos of us. Getting out pose on.…

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Jason Biggs Competition!

So as you all know I won a competition to meet Jason Biggs at a local bar, and you’ve all seen the outfit!  Well this happened last night and quite frankly it was out of this world!! It was myself and a few close friends that were luckily enough to be in on this. We got picked up, and headed over to Missoula, I spend…

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Today’s Outift!

  As these fashion posts are going down so well thought I might update you every now and again on what I’m wearing!  Today is just a day at the office with a few events thrown in after so I’m slightly smarter than what I normally am.  Working in media means I dress like a scruffy student most of the time, much to my parents…

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Outfit Change!

  So as my post about my new outfit got so many views, I thought I’d update you all!  Missguided only went and sent me the wrong shoes and I don’t have time to change them, so it’ll be a darked blue pair that are pictured.  This isn’t the bad I’m using as I can’t find it online anymore, but it’s still black but has…

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House 19, Home House, London.

Home House, London’s most exclusive private members’ club, on Portman Square, W1, celebrated the launch of House 19  last night, and I was lucky enough to be there.  The Club’s acclaimed restaurant and bar re-launched in House 19, a fresh entertaining, drinking and dining destination for London.  It has that feel of a home away from home, very lavish, yet homely, and incredibly stunning.  It was simply…

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Summer Fun.

  I used to use Polyvore years ago, and today I rekindled my love for it.  I won’t bore you too much with what I have created but I really fell in love with this little outfit I made up.  Quirky and cool does it for me, and making the most of the summer sun is must over the next few days!…

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New Outfit!

I’m not usually the type to blog about clothes, but I have purchased this outfit for Friday.  I’m rather pleased with this as it came to less than £50 including next day delivery!  So having ordered yesterday it should be at home by the time I get in from work! Dress is the Genevia Striped Tailored Peplum Dress, £13.79 in the Missguided sale. Shoes are Gretta Patent…

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Balham Lodge, London.

Our stop over at Balham Lodge only lasted 2 nights but was enough to see that this is great place to stay in London.  It’s not far at all from Clapham, and the station is mere 5 mintues walk away.  The stunning Edwardian town house, where possible, has been restored to it’s former glory. The staff were all extremely helpful, doing their best to help you out.…

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