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Moving On & Blogging Tips

As some of you will know today is my last day at my current role at the Joe Blogs Network and I shall be moving on to new pastures, but I’ve been working in the blogging world for near on three years now and have a few little blogging tips and tips I’d like to share with you all!

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Your layout is key! A tidy blog is more appealing to a brand/potential client than an untidy one… obviously! Rumour has it that there are some brands out there that will only work with blogs with a clean, white layout; I’ve not had this in any of my outreach roles but it has been heard of! The cleaner cut your blog the easier posts are to read and the more photography stands out.

Within the homepage of your blog make sure you have your Social Media links, it helps knowing how active you are on these!

Personally, I think the layout makes a hell of a difference, and have, for the past few years, opted for clean, white as it’s just something I like!


This one goes hand and hand with your layout I think. When taking photos take your time, I know it’s tough when you have a job etc and blogging is your hobby but you can really tell the difference between a quick phone snap and something that has been taken on a quality camera in a well-lit setting. I know camera phones have totally upped their games recently but I’m still a sucker for getting the DSLR out for a day of shooting some blog snaps. When I’m looking for blogs for a brand I always take into account the photos on the blog already in the hope the blogger recreates the same quality within their posts for us!

Also, image size is a BIG deal. There’s nothing worse than a layout with all different image sizes. It’s easy to keep them all the same as most CMS’s will have sizing options when dropping images into posts.

Contact Forms

I’m not sure how it works are all PR & Agencies but I know from my experience that the software we use to keep track of emails, attendance and blog posts doesn’t keep track of what we send you via contact forms, so for ease we don’t tend to use them. So I’d say scrap that contact form and pop your blog email on a contact me page! It’s simple and means you may get more opportunities sent your way!


Basic SEO

I know SEO is so vast, even after working in the field for almost two years a lot of it still goes over my head, but knowing the basics can really help your content. It may not be you target to be a full-time blogger or make lots of cash but helping yourself to rank on Google is a great way of bringing readers to your site and surely, if you’re writing a blog that’s the aim, right? There are some many great posts out there for learning the ways… and I have one in the pipeline to help you lot out, should you need it.

Previous Posts

One thing I always check when creating a list of bloggers for brands is the things you’ve post previously; do they praise every single thing they receive? do they talk negatively about things? how well do they know their grammar? how’s their spelling?

I take all of these into account to ensure that the brand we are representing get a worthwhile post that would interest blog readers and give them great coverage and brand awareness.

You Can’t Please Everyone!

On a normal outreach campaign, there will be certain metrics that we have to adhere to defined by our clients, which means not every blog is accepted. This isn’t down to us, so please don’t take it out on us! We are quite simply the middle man and don’t want to upset anyone when we can’t invite them. Sending us mean emails isn’t very nice and sometimes we do take it personally, so please remember that we don’t call the shots and we are humans too!

Hopefully these blogging tips I have learnt over the past few years can help someone out!

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11 responses to “Moving On & Blogging Tips”

  1. Leigh says:

    Eeee! Good luck in your next adventure Haydy! It will be strange to see Joe Bloggers without you (to me, you’re the face of the brand!) xx

  2. Milly says:

    Awesome tips! Good luck in your new job! (And enjoy your week off!!!)

  3. Thanks for sharing this, Haydy – and best of luck on your next adventure! Looking forward to hearing all about it <3

  4. Rebecca Smith says:

    Good luck in your new job!xxx

  5. Great tips babe! Thanks so much ^_^

    Good luck in your new venture and drinks soon plz <3


  6. Thanks for such an informative post.

  7. Shivani Yadav says:

    Hey, this was a fantastic post. Well thought-out and nicely written. Thanks for sharing the tips!

  8. Claire says:

    Good luck you gorgeous thing! Looking forward to lunch on Monday. ?

  9. Good luck, lovely! I’m sure you’ll rock the new role!
    Charlie, Distracted

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