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5 European Destinations That Are Perfect for Family Holidays

Taking children on holiday is a magical thing as you get to see the look of wonder on their faces as they experience a new culture for the first time. But where do you take kids? Not every tourist destination is suited for children, but Europe is brimming with them, luckily, and so here are 5 of the best child friendly holidays from all over Europe.

Salema, Portugal

Found on the southern coast of the tourist behemoth, the Algarve, this quaint town is a prime example of old world Portuguese charm. It’s perfect for children because its fine-sand beach has calm waters that are perfectly safe for novice swimmers and little toddlers. There are also fossilised dinosaur footprints in the surrounding area which will be certain to excite children. Salema has not been tourist-ified and so the accommodation consists of beautiful little blue-trimmed villas dotted along the coast, which is perfect for a family who want some peace and quiet to spend some quality time together.

Port de Sóller, Spain

On the west coast of Majorca, Port de Sóller is home to the only sandy beach on the whole west coast of this famous island. Like Salema, the beach is calm and shallow, so perfect for children. If you’re in the mood for an active holiday then this port town is surrounded by mountains and woodlands, making it perfect for hiking and cycling, which the kids are certain to love. This is also a great place for some alone time, due to the main hotel in the town offering a spa and some yoga opportunities.

PortAventura, Spain


No, I have not just misspelt the Canary Island of Fuerteventura. PortAventura is a Florida-esque theme park just a short drive from Barcelona. If there’s one thing that kids (and adult sized kids) love, it’s a big ol’ theme park. PortAventura is great because it caters to all age groups, with big scary rides and amazingly realistic simulators, plus a Sesame Street area for the little ones. It’s as close as Europe will get to a proper American theme park (aside from Euro Disney, which just feels like a cheap version of the US ones). The surrounding beaches are lovely too!

The Romanos, Greece

The Romanos is a very family friendly resort found in the Messina area of mainland Greece. I don’t know why Greece is so wonderful for family holidays, but it just is. I remember that most of my favourite childhood holidays were spent on Greek Islands. Even as a child I still had a massive appreciation for the culture and the history (thanks to Greek myth being so exciting). The Ramanos has everything you’re going to want all in one family-friendly resort. The place was even listed on National Geographic’s best 20 locations in the world to visit.

Monte Mulini, Croatia

This northern resort is located within one of the fastest growing tourist industries in the world. It seems as if Croatia has been hiding for decades and has just recently blossomed, as everyone realises how much incredible natural beauty it has. This resort is geared towards families with older children and has so much to offer. It is a 5-star resort found in an old medieval town that has its own national park which is ripe with explorative opportunities… or you could have a quiet picnic; your choice.

Europe is too massive to cover in one article and here I’ve mainly just covered beaches and resorts. If that’s not really you’re thing, then I’d recommend a trip to the Alps to get in some quality skiing time.

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  1. Kel says:

    I wish I was going any of these sunny places this year – instead my kids decided they wanted to go to Scotland, brrrr!

    • SquibbVicious says:

      Oh wow, that’s a little cheaper though right?! I’m sure you’ll have tons of fun!! xx

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