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Gaucho Polo


There’s nothing quite like an evening spent at the O2 Arena in London watching The HPA Gaucho International Polo from the VIP enclosure supplied with delightful Tanqueray Gin and tonic. I personally had no idea about Polo before heading off to this rather suave event, and by the end of it I can safely say that I’m now a Polo fan. The skill in riding their horses and the speed they pick up really is something worth seeing if you haven’t before. The amount of work put in by the three team players is incredible and the atmosphere created by the crowd could definitely compete with that of a top flight football team.
Seeing your home team win on their own turf is also something quite heart wrenching, the passion in the crowd as England scored the final goal in the penalties after drawing 15 – 15 was out of this world. The cheers filled the arena as the three English lads dressed proudly in red and white gave a victory lap around the ground.
Not only was the Polo a great eye opener, the hospitality was simply divine. Gaucho was the ideal meeting point, with classy décor and the politest of staff. The IndigO2 gave a great home to the Champagne reception, with various Polo based events happening around you to get you ready and raring for the match inside the humungous O2 Arena that had been filled with over four hundred tonnes of sand from 6am that morning.
The HPA Gaucho International Polo certainly know how to put on a good event with a superb atmosphere, taste bud tickling drinks and a pretty epic after party!


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