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Feng Sushi


Ever heard of a Danish Sushi Chef?

Or even better, an award winning female Danish Sushi Chef?

I thought not! Well Silla Bjerrum is both, and she runs the incredible Feng Sushi restaurants situated all over London including Borough Market, Royal Festival Hall and Kensington.

Sitting in the working delivery kitchen of her Billingsgate’s branch, fresh fish everywhere, and with Silla being one of the best Sushi chefs around, this was surely going to be a night to remember.

Having never really tried sushi before, trying what was put in front of me was not only exciting, but a huge learning curve for my taste buds. And those taste buds were more than impressed! Cuttlefish battered sided with a spicy dip, organic Tofu in Miso dressing, Mackerel salad with Edamame, and Crab Meat Donduri to name a few of the ten courses that graced the table, and all plates were returned empty.

The best bit about the incredible tastes my mouth was experiencing was that the ingredients are all locally sourced. Having had the fish purchased from sustainable sellers in the fish market that morning, all of the produce was coming from Cornwall, Devon and Scotland. Even the Tofu was handmade in Brick Lane! There really isn’t a thing you could complain about as the Sustainable City award looms over us from its pride of place on the shelf for everyone to see.

If you’re a sushi fan, or have been toying with the idea of trying it, then give Feng Sushi some of your time, and you will most certainly not be disappointed. In fact you will enjoy it so much you will want to make use of their delivery service for when you’re working hard at the office, I know I will be!



Disclaimer:  This was a press only event.

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  1. It was a fantastic night, wasn’t it?? Just been doing my write-up and drooling over the pics again. Still longing for that mackerel… and the mochi! 🙂

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