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The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town, London


Having been escorted down to this delightful underground bar by a very enthusiastic maitre d and being told the story of the Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town, I was highly excited to be there!

I’d heard stories of this secret bar but had to check them out for myself. They were right, it is very exclusive. It was fairly quiet when we were down there, but this may be due to the fact it was nearing 11pm on a Tuesday evening, but I can imagine it being heaving of a weekend.

They do their very own Bloody Mary Breakfast for those that are game for a little hair of the dog treatment. It does sound like it need to be tried to be believed!

Having a cat like theme all the way through, their attention to detail was amazing. Even the menu was held in tin of cat food, and our candle was sat in cat food bowl. Such cute ideas!

The menu even had the rules of being there on, these had myself and TW in stitches. This whole place was full of amazing quirky ideas!

If you can work out how to get there, I won’t give the game away, then do give ii a little visit. The food menu sounds lovely, and the staff were mega friendly. Such a great way to finish my night off.


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