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Inspired by the Tour de France? Everything you Need to get Started… *

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Have you been inspired by the Tour de France this summer? Do you fancy yourself a whizz on a bike? Or maybe you are just looking for a new hobby that you can get stuck into to switch up your weekend routine. In this article, we’ll give you all the information you need to get into cycling. You can also bet on the Tour de France stages and an outright winner with the latest Tour de France 2019 odds.

Best places to find information about cycling

The first part is to know where to go, sure you can head to your local sport shop if you’re not looking to invest in cycling; however, you may not get the right or sufficient information in order to explore your new hobby thoroughly. A great place to start in-store is Evans Cycles, they provide all sorts of bikes from road bikes to mountain bikes and will be able to give you great advice. If you prefer to do all your shopping online, is a great place to start they have online assistance for you to converse with and provide some of the best quality items and incredible prices.

Take a look at some cycling websites in your area, with a simple search online, you will find websites that will tell you the best places to go for all sorts of terrains. Explore mountains, local villages and places to camp overnight so you can turn your hobby into a weekend break away from home.

Equipment including safety precautions

The basic equipment you’re going to need is a bike, helmet and some shoes. Choosing a bike is a very personal choice, your first challenge is what type of bike. Where are you planning to cycle? Locally on the roads, country lanes or over the fields? – maybe you know a local track you want to try out? Every type of bike has a specific use so it’s important to establish the terrain you’ll be on before purchasing a bike.

From there you can select a bike that fits your size, budget and personal preferences – you might like to spend that bit extra getting a lighter frame or you might want specific types of handle bars. Speak to an adviser, let them know what you would like and they should bring out some great option for you to choose from.

Helmets are fairly simple to try on, the higher the price the better the quality, your budget will more than likely dictate which one you buy. With shoes, it is important to try on lots of different ones before buying. You’ll find that every brand of shoe fits slightly different, ask for assistance on what shoes work best for your feet, whether they’re wide, narrow or ‘blister prone’ – although investing in some great cycling socks could help that too!

After the basics, it all depends on your budget. Whether you want to purchase a pair of sunglasses to shield from the sun and wind or if you want a pair of padded shorts for comfort; seat covers, bottle holders, hydration packs, and isotonic gels – the list is endless, and great fun to explore.

Future events to watch in 2019

To keep yourself inspired and motivated, here are some great events to watch out for in the 2019 cycling season. We recommend watching these so you can get some extra tips and information.

Saturday 3rd August: Clasica de San Sebastian, Spain
Monday 12th – Sunday 18th August: BinckBank Tour, Belgium and Netherlands
Saturday 24th August – Sunday 15th September: Vuelta a Espana, Spain
Saturday 7th – Saturday 14th September: Tour of Britain, UK
Friday 13th September: Grand Prix de Québec, Canada
Sunday 15th September: Grand Prix de Montréal, Canada
Saturday 22nd– Sunday 30th September: World Championships, UK
Saturday 12th October: Tour of Lombardy, Italy

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