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Bodeans, London.

Having labelled myself as a Burger Connoisseur my quest for the perfect burger led me to Bodeans. Being God of the BBQ food world this had to be checked out!

I was far from disappointed! The chicken burger (not my normal choice) was divine, the sauces were fantastic, and the BBQ Beans that I added as a side were too good for words!  And I really didn’t want my chips to come to an end.


The atmosphere was pretty decent too, I felt as though I had been transported to America and was quite saddened when I released I still had to bet the rush hour via train in London! Playing baseball on the big screens made me long for a holiday where I could wear my New York Yankees shirt without getting odd looks.

I would most certainly return, and give there beef burgers a good go as my other half seemed to rather enjoy his meal. I’ve also heard their pulled pork is one not to miss, so maybe even a second return visit is in order. I may even wear my baseball shirt to really fit in!

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