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Animals Inside Out, Natural History Museum.

Animals have always fascinated me, they’re pretty much the reason we are here. Cavemen survived from them, and where an earth would we be without our beloved pets?!
These fascinations of mine lead me to the Natural History Museum’s exhibition of Animals Inside Out, which left me flabbergasted! There was so much detail, and we take how our internal organs work far too much for granted.

As I wander round my eyes darted from various animals and my thoughts were most certainly provoked. The amount of capillaries, and tiny little organs that keep animals functioning had totally blown my mind! This exhibition was put together by the same people that did Body Worlds and now I’m gutted that I never made it so see how our inners work.

I won’t be giving away too much of what is in there, as it’ll ruin the surprise but don’t miss the horses head, and bull! The prices are so reasonable and the exhibition is there until the middle of September so make sure you devote an afternoon to checking out this incredible sight.

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